It's far from the first abrupt change to that has caught users off guard, but the company's latest design tweak has made for a bit of a bigger impact on Twitter users' overall experience than a simple change of font size. As many users started to notice yesterday, the social network has removed the longstanding ability to add a custom background image to users' home and notification pages.

Speaking to Mashable, a Twitter spokesperson confirmed the change, adding, "now, background images are only available where logged-in users will see them publicly (Tweet pages, list pages and collections pages)." In their place, the backgrounds on users homepages and notification timelimes -- where they spend the most time -- are now simply plain white.

Not surprisingly, the company isn't elaborating on any of its future plans on how it might use the now-vacant background space, but it looks like web users will have to get used to white for at least the foreseeable future.

[via The Next Web]

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