Here's A Brief History Of Everything Squeezed Into Eight Eye-Opening Minutes By Neil DeGrasse Tyson


Do you want to know everything about how the universe, the Earth and we humans came to be but don't have the luxury to bury your nose in scholarly books for years to come? Super brain Neil deGrasse Tyson has got you covered with the help of an eight-minute video.

The astrophysicist celebrity managed to explain it all - and explain it exceedingly well and entertainingly - in an eight-minute video he made for YouTube channel MinutePhysics.

The science communicator who has made it his mission to enlighten the masses on how all of us came to be and why we are all here on this little speck of a planet floating in a massive universe now took on the task of explaining the Big Bang and everything that flowed from it, including the existence of you and me.

Tyson's eloquent and refreshing video was created for and is featured on YouTuber Henry Reich's MinutePhysics YouTube channel, which is dedicated to bringing all things physics to the regular people.

Tyson already shot a TV miniseries about the history of the universe. With this new video though, he has outdone himself. You do not have to be an Einstein yourself or even have a college education to follow this guy's explanations. With Henry Reich's simple illustrations and the music by Igor Stravinsky, all these elements conspire to transmit just how awe-inspiring our universe's genesis, and by extension our own existence, really is.

Starting with the events leading up to the Big Bang, the crafty Tyson takes us through all the stages of the universe and our world, from the emergence of life, to the rise and fall of the dinosaurs to the evolution of mammals and finally to us humans. Along the way, he delves pretty deep into the miracle that is astrophysics, while never losing his audience, us, the common folks. The most elaborate, up-to-date science theories are made accessible by this relatable, smart, yet utterly likeable man.

"Yes, the Universe had a beginning. Yes, the Universe continues to evolve. And yes, every one of our bodies' atoms is traceable to the Big Bang and to a thermonuclear furnace in high mass stars," says Tyson. "We are not simply in the Universe. We are part of it. We are born from it. One might even say we've been empowered by the Universe to figure itself out. And we've only just begun."

Watch the video shown and expect to be enlightened as well as entertained:

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