Gal Gadot is our Wonder Woman, and that's not going to change anytime soon. However, some fans just don't care, and because of that, Gadot has found herself in the position of selling herself to the public once more.

Since the Israel-born actress got the role, fans have claimed that Gal Gadot is not right for it due to her limited body mass. Not only that, not much has been seen in terms of her acting skills.

Well, Gadot doesn't seem to care much about what fans have to say anymore. According to the actress, it is impossible to please everyone.

"No matter what you do, you can never please them all," she told Interview Magazine. "People will always have something to say because that's the way people are. And it's okay. But for me, it's my job. It's my career. It's my art."

She seems to be very excited about being Wonder Woman, as she said she is taking everything very seriously, along with doing the research to make sure the character is done justice on the big screen.

Gadot also stated that Wonder Woman is not just about her, but the acting, the story, and script are very much just as important. The actress hopes that at the end of the day, people will enjoy her character.

"Whatever I do, I take it very seriously and I do my research and I give it my best," she continued. "I just want to be able to shine and inspire people. And it's not just about me. It's the script and the story and the acting. I hope people are going to love it."

In our eyes, we are more concerned about her acting abilities rather than how she looks. Special effects can give her increased body mass, but it cannot work wonders for acting skills.

We have never seen Gadot in a movie where her acting stood out, which is of the reasons us and many fans have significant concerns as to where the DC Cinematic Universe is headed.

Let's hope that whatever Zack Snyder and the Warner Bros. guys have seen, will surprise us all.

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