A Russian specialist in information security has issued a warning that online activists could possible hack into the vehicles used for Formula One races.

Hackers can possibly breach the onboard computers of Formula One racing cars because the systems are Internet-connected.

The warning is issued amid the increasing concerns that a Grand Prix could become a target for hackers.

Information security specialist Eugene Kaspersky discussed the possibility of Formula One cars being hacked after earlier reports that a Jeep Cherokee was brought to a stop along the side of a highway by security experts that hacked into the vehicle's onboard technology while being 10 miles away using only a laptop and a smartphone.

Kaspersky said that Formula One racing cars are at high risk from hackers due to the high number of advanced computers onboard the vehicles.

According to Kaspersky, while Formula One races are well protected and hard for hackers to infiltrate, there are certain aspects of each Grand Prix that are vulnerable to such problems.

Kaspersky added that while there is no evidence of previous attempts of hacking into a Formula One car, the possibility is there once the vehicles enter the pit lanes and link up to another computer which is connected to the Internet.

"All the systems around us are vulnerable -- unfortunately, it is possible to hack anything," Kaspersky warned.

Hackers have previously issued threats of compromising the 2013 Bahrain Grand Prix after a successful attempt to black out the official website of the Formula One. However, the hackers were not successful in causing any disruption to the race itself, which was completed without any incidents.

The security specialists that were able to hack into a moving Jeep Cherokee was able to do by hacking into the SUV's infotainment system, which was connected to the Internet. After infiltrating the vehicle's systems, the researchers were able to access different onboard components of the Jeep Cherokee, before deciding to strand the vehicle on the side of the highway.

Previously, the researchers were only able to hack into a moving car by connecting the vehicle's systems to a laptop with a cable. The recent development of being able to hack into a vehicle through the Internet while being miles away is therefore the most alarming one so far for the researchers.

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