There's only a little more than a week left in the Kickstarter campaign for Red Ash, and the game's creator Keiji Inafune and his studio concept have upped the ante to not only reach their fundraising goal but also a stretch goal for an additional way to play the game.

Red Ash, which will be a new action-adventure game from the creator of Mega Man, was originally developed for PC. Shortly after its launch, the Kickstarter campaign ran a poll, asking fans on which console port they would like to see the game be available. With nearly 67 percent of the vote, PlayStation 4 was the No. 1 console port choice among fans.

The Red Ash team confirmed the development of the game for the PS4 in an update on the Kickstarter page Thursday. The campaign now has a stretch goal of $1 million to make the Red Ash console port a reality.

Red Ash coming to the PS4 will either be a tall order — or one final push to try and successfully fund this Kickstarter campaign. With nine days of the campaign left to go, Red Ash has only raised a little more than half of its fundraising goal of $800,000. That must be why they call it a "stretch goal."

The Kickstarter campaign also features a stretch goal of $1.5 million to add two new episodes of content to the game.

Perhaps in an effort to motivate fans to support the Kickstarter campaign in its final days, the Red Ash team released a video of the game's development on YouTube Friday. The video, which you can check out below, is a pre-alpha prototype designed to show off some of the atmosphere of the game as well as some character design.

The Red Ash Kickstarter campaign ends Monday, August 3.

Via: VG247

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