If you long to board your way to work, but your ride is too unsteady or too heavy to carry into the office, a new crowdfunding campaign may just have what you're looking for.

With a weight of 8.6 pounds, STARY, which was recently introduced on Kickstarter, purports to be the world's lightest electric skateboard and is made out of fiber glass, bamboo and Canadian maple. The reason STARY is so light is that it hides the motor inside the wheel, whereas other electric skateboards place a big and clunky version on the board.

STARY also comes with a remote that powers the skateboard just by sliding a control forward or backward. The remote can be set to three different modes (Beginner, Cruise and Advanced) and allows the board to reach speeds of 18.6 miles per hour. The 1-ounce remote also has an OLED screen with a self-luminous property that makes it clear to read during the day and at night, displaying information such as speed modes, battery usage and issues with overheating or the battery.

STARY also seems to have introduced greater longevity to the belts on the board's wheels by implementing smaller planetary gearing with a higher reduction ratio – all hidden inside the wheel – which the company claims will keep you from ever needing to replace any belts. This also helps riders take STARY up inclines, keep the board stable during mounting and to slow down.

STARY's Kickstarter page suggests that anyone can ride this electric skateboard — whether they've got the skills of Tony Hawk or not. Of course, since the product is currently in the midst of its Kickstarter campaign, we'll just have to wait until the product is on the market to see if riding it is really as easy as the company makes it seem.

Since STARY has already surpassed its Kickstarter goal – earning more than $155,000 with 22 days still left to go, at the time of this writing – you may be able to take this board out for a spin in real life before you know it.

Via: SlashGear

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