In an effort to boost sales, athletic sportswear company Adidas announces that they are allowing users to print Instagram pictures on their shoes. The question, however, is how much of an impact or desire from customers; will there be to make this a smart marketing campaign for the company.

Adidas has launched the idea for Photo Print App for the ZX Flux, which should allow customers to take a photo of their choosing with their phone and then put it directly on a pair of shoes.

The problem that many fear is that customers could put images on their shoes that could be offensive, which would lead to privacy and other free speech concerns. But Adidas, in its teaser advertisement posted on Instagram, hopes that users will use their conscience before putting on offensive imagery.

The app, however, will not be available for use until August, but already Instagram is backing the move as a great idea. It is being branded as "miadidas" by the company ahead of the launch.

It follows competitor Nike's move into customized shoes from its Nike ID program - an additional fee required - and the price tag can vary depending on what a customer wants to put on their feet.

"Kickstarting this new approach is the release of an innovative high resolution photo print APP which promises to fully unlock the potential of customization," says Adidas in announcing the news.

"For the sneaker lovers, it's an exciting chance to make a statement that's all your own, following in the footsteps of the sellout ZX Flux Photo Print Prism shoe released in April. For adidas Originals, it's just the next logical step in breaking the mold of sneaker customization," the company adds.

With custom shoes now on the prowl, it could bring in a number of other tech enterprises, especially the artistic ones, where companies can begin to design their own shoes for sale to the public. It could enhance Adidas' ability to reach a larger audience who may have been shying away from the typical design from the maker.

While there are a few months ahead of the launch, online the chatter has focused on what poor choices customers can be expected to make in developing their own image for their shoe.

The idea is to make shoes one-of-a-kind and unique to every wearer.

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