The VR and AR wearable technology poaching battles are about to begin as employees from different companies are already switching roles. In the latest switch, Adrian Wong, Google Glass' lead electrical engineer, has defected Google in favor of Oculus Rift, which is now a Facebook division.

Wong was part of Google X, which not only was a secretive lab where Google Glass came from, but other interesting technologies such as the driver-less Google Car. Wong updated his LinkedIn relatively quickly after switching roles and now it lists "Oculus VR" as his current occupation.

His Facebook also reflects his change of occupation and he left a goodbye note for fellow Googlers.

"Surprise! Today is my last day at Google," he said. "Three rollercoaster years with Google[x] and Glass. What amazing memories. Now, time for the next great adventure!"

"P.S. More surprise news to come in the next two weeks. Hang tight, friends! In the meantime, if you want to catch up and hang out this next week, give me a call," he added.

Lately, Wong updated his Facebook and gave clues about the phase of the Oculus Rift project he is working on along with his opinion on his new team.

"Two weeks have passed, and here we are in sunny Southern California," he also said on his Facebook account. "Love the new team here and so excited to be helping build what Michael Abrash is calling 'The Final Platform.'"

What is interesting about his departure from Google besides the talent he can bring to Facebook's oculus Rift team, is that he may also be bringing various Google patents with him. He is the owner of multiple patents himself, such as "Wearable computer with nearby object response."

This patent deals with wearable technology specifically. The patent, along with others, can definitely help him along with his new endeavor or open a door for him to create something new.

Oculus Rift and Google Glass are not the only smart-glass technologies or wearable technologies to be excited about. You may have heard that Sony is also working on VR glasses to challenge Facebook with in terms of gaming. There are also lesser brands out there that may be worth considering such as Epson's glasses.

Due to the change of positions within Google, it will be Fashion vet Ivy Ross who will be the new head of the Google Glass project. It seems Google is finally starting to listen to some tech industry explorers and its user base to make the glasses seem less obtrusive from outsiders to those wearing a pair.

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