'The Simpsons' Predicted Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign All The Way Back In 2000


Move over, Nostradamus and Miss Cleo: it looks like the writers of The Simpsons are the ultimate psychics, according to a prediction they made about Donald Trump's bid for the presidency back in 2000.

Also predicted in the episode? Increased debt, hand-delivered by Trump himself. Way to go, everyone.

The character to make the call is Lisa Simpson in the episode "Bart to the Future," which fast-forwards to the year 2030. In the speculative ep, Bart is an alcoholic slacker with a possible mullet and/or rat-tail hair thing going on and Lisa is president of the United States (as if we would have had it any other way). After a White House press conference, Lisa asks lovable (and now bald) loser Secretary Milhouse Van Houten the state of the current national budget, to which he replies, "We're broke."

Even as a fictional candidate, President Simpson's aims seem a lot more practical, and, you know, sane: "My administration will focus on the three R's: reading, writing and refilling the ocean." Yep, this definitely sounds like an inheritance from a Trump presidential tenure.

As for other byproducts of Trump's fictional presidency? "Ultrastrong super-criminals."

Nowadays, this isn't as wildly outlandish as The Simpsons gag surmises: according to the latest CNN poll, Trump is the leading GOP candidate amongst voters at a secure 18 percent, leaving behind fellow candidates former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (15 percent) and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (10 percent); the other 14 candidates are barely scraping by with single-digit percentages. Similar polls have produced similar results.

Check out The Simpsons' most accurate prediction to date in the clip below.


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