Microsoft is losing to Sony in the video game console wars. The PlayStation 4 is performing very well worldwide while the Xbox One can only manage a few successes at home. Does this mean the software giant should introduce the Xbox One Slim very soon?

In our eyes, the damage to the Xbox One is something Microsoft will never fix. The console is definitely less powerful when compared to the PS4. Third-party games are performing better on the Sony console. Also, the 2013 launch of the Xbox One was a disaster that is still biting.

There's no winning here for Microsoft, and as such, we believe the company might have no choice but to bring the slim version of the console to market in the near future.

At the moment, there are three main Xbox One SKUs available on the market right now: one for $349 that doesn't come with Kinect, another Kinectless version for $399, though this one comes with a 1TB hard drive. The other is the original for $499.

While Sony has launched several SKUs of the PlayStation 4, the main version only costs $399, which is $50 more expensive than the cheapest Xbox One. The fact that gamers don't care enough to save $50 by purchasing an Xbox One should be clear enough where the console is headed and why a compact version needs to hit store shelves soon.

A slim version of the Xbox One won't have Microsoft surpassing Sony, but it would allow Microsoft to lessen the enormous gap. A compact version will not only attract new buyers but also lure many of the old buyers who would love to have a console that takes up less space in their living room and uses less electrical power.

Then again, we should consider the possibility of Sony making plans to release a slim version of the PlayStation 4. Should that happen, it would come at a cheaper price and will likely have a bigger effect than the release of the Xbox One Slim.

It all means that Microsoft needs to be first to market with the Xbox One Slim, hoping to have at least a year's head start.

We should also take into consideration that Nintendo might launch its new video game console in 2016, so that could sway some players from purchasing an Xbox One Slim.

It shouldn't take forever for us to find out what Microsoft is planning. Let's hope that by then, it is not too late.

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