Windows 10 has recently been released and continues to be downloaded by millions as the free upgrade rolls out to PC users.  Various bugs and issues are being experienced, however, including problems with activation and Wi-Fi connectivity, Chrome Browser problems and more.

Users are experiencing one of the main issues before even upgrading to Windows 10, and that has to do with their attempts to activate the upgrade. Many users report that when attempting the initial installation, the screen displays a "waiting to connect" message. While there's nothing users can do to speed up the process, the good news is that it usually resolves itself within several minutes, so users experiencing this issue should just patiently wait it out.

Another big issue seems to be Wi-Fi connectivity. Users are reporting that their Wi-Fi connection is not stable, or it refuses to connect at all. So far, it's not clear if this is a specific issue more prevalent in Windows 10, but the best solution recommended by users so far has been to disable the Wi-Fi sharing feature. Otherwise, a simple reboot may solve the problem.

Audio issues are plaguing some Windows 10 users, in that they either receive no audio whatsoever or their HD audio experience is no longer functioning properly. Microsoft is still investigating some of these issues, but some workarounds for various audio issues are already circulating on the net.

Chrome browser users are experiencing their own set of problems specific to working with Google's browser, generally involving slow loading speeds and lags in streaming. Disabling extensions or reinstalling the browser may help speed things up temporarily while Google works on resolving the kinks. Users may also want to use a different browser to perform specific tasks such as video streaming until then.

Speaking of different browsers, Microsoft's Edge browser has been universally applauded as a big improvement from Internet Explorer, but some users of the reviled IE are complaining that their favorites have disappeared. Not to worry, the Settings menu has a specific option to "Import Favorites From Another Browser."

Other issues being reported by users of Windows 10 include locking Start menus and errors with copy and paste, among others. Microsoft is already readying an update designed to address many of the problems. Have you experienced any of these or other issues and bugs since upgrading to Windows 10? Please let us know in the comments below.

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