Are Strongbad and Homestar Runner Going Out With The Adobe Flash Bathwater?


Do the names "Strongbad" and "Homestar Runner" hit you with a one-two punch of heaping nostalgia? If so, the latest Homestar Runner webisode might give you cause for worry — but only for the existence of the Homestar homepage itself.

In a YouTube video aptly titled, "Flash is Dead!!" Homestar Runner frets about his dating profile, which, like the Flash plugins the archived webisodes operate on, is "vulnerable and should be updated." Soon after, Strongbad rushes in, fretting about the fact that "Flash is dying": i.e., the entire Homestar Runner backlog will die along with the software.

Strongbad's reaction to their possible deletion? "This is horse gibblets!" Soon after, a chunk of flash interface literally falls from the pixelated sky.

As a brief history of Homestar Runner details, the characters were created in 1996 by then-University of Georgia students Mike Chapman and Craig Zobel (the latter went on to direct the movies Compliance and Great World of Sound). Initially, the first manifestation of Homestar Runner and the gang were that of characters in a quasi-parodical children's book conceived by both Zobel and Chapman. After that, Chapman's brother Matt came onboard as a graphic designer. In 1999, the trio launched the Homestar website, and the rest is ... well, history.

Even though the site has enough spare Flash stuff (located in Strongbad's filthy F-Sack) to keep the site running for the next six months, fans can breathe a sigh of relief: the creators have already started uploading episodes to YouTube.

An added bonus to the vid? Homestar Runner's actual aforementioned dating profile (apparently, his full name is "Homestar Michael (stipe) Runner" — who knew?).

Watch Homestar Runner and Strongbad (with special appearances by Code Z and F-Sack) in the video below.


Via Digital Trends

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