Microsoft wasn't the only one with hardware news for the Xbox at Gamescom 2015. Seagate, a Microsoft partner, announced its new 2 TB plug-and-play hard drive for the Xbox One.

The Seagate Game Drive for Xbox, which comes in Xbox green, will retail for $110 and will be available worldwide. However, a release date is yet to be announced. The Game Drive will be available via Amazon and GameStop.

The 2 TB hard drive, embossed with the logos of Seagate and Microsoft, plugs right into the USB ports on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles.

For Seagate, its Xbox hard drive will help the company expand its reach, according to Jeff Fochtman, senior director of product marketing for Seagate.

"This exciting new collaboration with Microsoft Xbox is an important milestone for Seagate that will help us to reach a new audience, which has an insatiable appetite for storage," Fochtman said. "There was a clearly defined need in this market for additional plug-and-play storage and Seagate is happy to be able to provide the solution."

With data caps and copper connections still both very real things, along with rising game sizes, both Sony and Microsoft have been trying to give gamers more space to archive their digital content and less reason to erase older games in favor of newer titles.

With the game-rich holiday season right around the corner, players will need the space, stated Matt Kesselring, business development manager for Microsoft's designed for Xbox partner program.

"With all of the new and amazing titles expected for this holiday season and a ton more games coming in the future, Xbox gamers will need even more storage and portability," Kesselring said. "Microsoft is privileged to be working with Seagate as our trusted partner for this important designed-for-Xbox peripheral."

While news of the Seagate Game Drive for Xbox is being stifled by the Gamescom coverage, another piece of new Xbox hardware has remained in the spotlight.

During its Gamescom briefing, Microsoft introduced the Chatpad for the Xbox One. The full QWERTY peripheral plugs into the bottom of an Xbox One controller to make it easier for players to enter text.

Microsoft has opened preorders for the Chatpad but hasn't set a day for its delivery just yet. 

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