Corsair And Cherry Create A Mechanical Keyboard With A 'Silent' Switch


Typing is a necessary part of doing what you do on a computer, whether you're working or gaming. However, what doesn't need to happen is for those around you, across the hall or in the next room to be a part of whatever you're doing by hearing you click-clack away on those keys.

Luckily, there's now a solution that might be easier than moving out, finding a new job or changing your behavior.

Corsair and Cherry have announced a new mechanical keyboard that comes with a "RGB Silent" switch integrated with noise reduction technology to keep things nice and quiet. The switch is made out of "precision-engineered glass-fibre reinforced base and two integrated component tappets," according to the product's website. The result is a switch that is 30 percent quieter than any other mechanical keyboard switch on the market, according to Corsair's Product Manager of Mice and Keyboards Jason Christian in this preview video of the product.

The switch will only be available on Corsair's Strafe RGB when it's released for a retail price of $160 in October, PCWorld reports. However, a Strafe RGB with non-silent switches will launch at the same. That keyboard will have either MX Red or MX Brown switches and retail for $150. Both keyboards will also be fully programmable and come with customizable, multicolor backlighting, a built-in USB pass-through, a detachable wrist rest and multimedia keys.

There's no word yet on whether or not Corsair will make these new silent switches available on other keyboards in the future, but at least some people will get a little peace of mind soon enough.

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