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Laptop Guide Holiday 2018: How To Find The Perfect Laptop For You

Finding the perfect laptop is important. Tech Times has written a definitive laptop guide for those planning to buy one this holiday season, whether for their social media-savvy nephews or hardcore gamer nieces.

Computers December 24, 2018

ASUS ROG Zephyrus S Unveiled: World's Slimmest Gaming Laptop Packs A Punch

Following the release of the Zephyrus M in April, Asus took another leap forward after unwrapping the Zephyrus S. With a 14.95 to 15.75 mm frame, the Zephyrus S is considered as the slimmest gaming laptop in the world.

Computers August 17, 2018

World’s Tiniest Computer Is Much Smaller Than A Grain Of Rice

Scientists devised the world’s smallest computer with a minuscule size of 0.3 x 0.3. mm. The microdevice could potentially be used as an implant to help doctors detect tumors and develop new cancer treatments.

Computers June 25, 2018

84-Year-Old Doctor Who Does Not Use Computer Can't Regain Medical License

Anna Konopka, the doctor who does not use computer, surrendered her medical license earlier this year over allegations from the New Hampshire Board of Medicine. A judge now dismissed her request to regain her license.

Feature | Health November 27, 2017

Samsung Unveils 49-Inch Curved Monitor For The Most Dedicated Gamers

The line between televisions and computer monitors has been getting more blurred. Samsung's new 49-inch curved monitor is just the latest proof of that, and gamers will love it.

Computers June 9, 2017

HP Is Getting Serious About Gaming With New Omen Line Of Computers And Accessories

Since last year, HP has been trying to make a surge back into the gaming space with the Omen line of PCs. HP is going to build that line with some revamps and new computers.

Computers June 7, 2017

Dell Inspiron Series Computers Offer All-In-One And Upgradable Desktop Options

Computex 2017 has seen plenty of announcements, from Asus's ultra-thin laptops and Nvidia's new ultrabook. Not looking to miss out, Dell also unveiled the newest Inspiron series desktops that offer all-in-one and upgradable options.

Computers May 30, 2017

Ohio Inmates Were Able To Build Computers While In Prison To Commit More Crimes

Two inmates at a medium-security prison in Ohio were able to secretly assemble two fully functioning computers and hid them in the facility's ceiling. With their scraped together technology, they committed more crimes, including identity theft and hacking attacks.

Computers April 12, 2017

Computer Systems In Cyborg Rose Garden: Swedish Scientists Make Breakthrough

Swedish scientists have succeeded in turning a cyborg rose into a super capacitor by forming wires inside and making it go beyond the basic e-plant concept with the promise of making sensors and vegetable computers in the future.

Material Science March 1, 2017

How To Keep Games From Lagging: 5 Tips To Increase Frames Per Second

It's always fun to play video games until morning -- unless the game's graphics keep lagging. In that case, we present five tips and tricks to help keep your games from slowing down.

Video Games February 5, 2017

Patients Completely Paralyzed By ALS Communicate Via Mind-Reading Device

Neuroscientists have developed a brain-computer interface (BCI) that can facilitate communication by reading the thoughts of patients with complete paralysis. Their findings spark hope for patients of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Neuroscience February 1, 2017

Donald Trump Believes Computers Make Life Complicated: Here's Why

President-elect Donald Trump seems like he isn't a fan of computers. He believes people get more confused because of them.

Life & Style December 31, 2016

Most Laptops Will Have SSDs Instead Of HDDs By 2018, Report Says: Is This Good Or Bad For Consumers?

A report claims that by 2018, most laptops that will be sold will be equipped with solid state drives, or SSDs, instead of hard disk drives, or HDDs. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Computers August 30, 2016

Onion Omega2 vs. Raspberry Pi Zero: Which Tiny Computer Should You Buy?

The new Onion Omega2 is making the headlines as the tiniest computer, but how does it compare with the Raspberry Pi Zero? Here's a quick comparison between the two, from specs and features to price and size.

Computers August 16, 2016

How Graphene Is Made And How It Was Discovered

Graphene could radically change electronics in the coming decades, but how is it manufactured? And what is the odd story of its invention, more than a decade ago?

Material Science June 21, 2016

Was Antikythera Mechanism A 2,100-Year-Old Computer?

An ancient device thought to predict astronomical events may have been a computer built 21 centuries ago. Why did ancient Greeks build this machine?

Ancient June 12, 2016

Hacker Spies Hack Federal Reserve Computer System More Than 50 Times In The Past Four Years

The computer system of the U.S. Federal Reserve saw over 50 breaches between 2011 and 2015. Some of these cyberattacks were described as 'espionage.'

Security June 2, 2016

Pentagon Still Uses Floppy Disks To Operate US Nuclear Weapons

Despite advances in computers, the U.S. Defense Department still uses floppy disks to operate the nation's nuclear forces. Other federal agencies use outdated systems as well.

Defense May 26, 2016

IBM Quantum Computer Now Available For Anyone To Use Remotely

IBM gives virtually everyone a chance to get their hands on its 5-qubit quantum computing processors. The prototype quantum computer can be accessed remotely via the internet.

Computers May 4, 2016

Reduced Computer Time May Be A Sign Of Early Alzheimer's In Seniors

A new tool could help detect early signs of Alzheimer's disease. A recent study has found that reduced use of the home computer could signal a developing neurodegenerative disease.

Life April 1, 2016

How Harry Potter Is Contributing To Artificial Language Comprehension

The ability of machines to accurately comprehend written language took another step forward thanks, in part, to Harry Potter. What could this tale provide to the field of artificial intelligence?

March 30, 2016

Virus Prompts Shutdown Of MedStar Hospital Chain's Computer System

MedStar Health Inc. was forced to shut down its email and record systems after a virus breached its computer system. The FBI is conducting an investigation if this was a ransomware attack.

Life March 29, 2016

Here Are Six Easy Ways To Spring Clean Your Computer On The First Day Of Spring

Make your computer run smoothly again by spring cleaning it. Take a look at some of the ways anyone can do to make their system operate faster and more efficiently.

Computers March 21, 2016

Computers Can Detect Boredom By Reading A Person's Body Language

Computers today can detect if a person is bored by reading his non-instrumental movements, or body language such as fidgeting. These findings are hoped to produce companion robots and more interactive online learning programs in the future.

Life February 24, 2016

Computer Failure Temporarily Shuts Down IRS E-File System

The Internal Revenue Service experienced computer hardware failure, causing some systems to shut down. IRS is already assessing the extent of the outage and is dealing with the tax community at this time.

Business February 4, 2016

This Mind-Reading Computer Knows What You’re Thinking The Moment You’re Thinking Them

Researchers were able to develop a mind-reading computer program that accurately and rapidly knows what people are thinking. By decoding brain signals, the program was able to predict thoughts almost instantly.

Life January 31, 2016

US Military Wants To Link Human Brain To Computer Using Mind-Reading Implants

A new DARPA program dubbed Neural Engineering System Design seeks to develop an advanced interface to link the human brain to a computer. The implant is intended to connect to up to 1 million neurons in a region of the brain.

FUTURE TECH January 21, 2016

Dell Unveils A New 23-Inch Monitor That Can Wirelessly Charge Smartphones

Dell announces two new wireless monitors at the Consumer Electronics Show on Wednesday, with one having the capability to wirelessly charge smartphones.

Computers January 6, 2016

A Computer Algorithm Correctly Predicted Which Songs Were The Biggest Hits Of 2015

Looks like the music industry isn't called a hit factory for nothing. It appears a computer algorithm could correctly predict which tunes were the top 10 blow-out pop hits in the year when fed a song for testing.

Computers December 17, 2015

Exam Room Computer Detrimental To Doctor-Patient Relationship

Examination room computers may hinder doctor-patient relationships. A study found that doctors who spend more time using the computer during a consultation are less likely to be rated excellent in terms of patient care.

Life December 4, 2015

Why Is Graphene The Miracle Material?

The strongest material on Earth is only one atom thick. How will we use it?

Energy November 17, 2015

This Pocket-Sized Computer Takes The Focus Off Apps And Puts It On Projects

Meet Solu, a pocket-sized computer that wants to change the way people interact with computers. It's linked the cloud and is structured around projects, not apps.

Computers November 2, 2015

How The Digital Revolution Was Made In New York

Silicon Valley wasn't always America's tech hub. The New-York Historical Society's upcoming exhibition 'Silicon City' explores the Big Apple's role in the history of computers.

Computers October 20, 2015

Microsoft Surface Book Preorders Sell Out In The Company's Online Store

If you want to preorder the Microsoft Surface Book, that might be a little difficult now. All of the models of Microsoft's first laptop are apparently out of stock in the company's online store.

Computers October 14, 2015

Ada Lovelace Day Celebrates Women In STEM - And The Woman Who Made It All Possible

Today is Ada Lovelace Day, which celebrates women in STEM who are often underrepresented or discouraged from entering science- and tech-oriented fields. However, who was Ada Lovelace? Only the first computer programmer in history.

Society October 13, 2015

Engineers Build First Silicon Quantum Logic Gate: Breakthrough Overcomes Crucial Hurdle In Quantum Computing

An Australian team of engineers announced they have built a quantum logic gate in silicon for the first time. The breakthrough made it possible to calculate between two quantum bits of information and therefore cleared the last hurdle in making silicon quantum computing come to life.

Animals October 7, 2015

VAIO Computers Are Coming Back To The U.S.

Sony may have stopped making VAIO computers more than a year ago, but they're about to make a comeback. VAIO computers will be sold in the U.S. this fall in Microsoft Stores.

Computers August 19, 2015

Lenovo Unveils New ThinkPad P50 And P70 Mobile Workstations

Lenovo announced the launch of two new ThinkPad mobile workstations Monday. The P50 and P70 will reportedly have the most memory and storage to be found on a mobile workstation ever.

Computers August 11, 2015

Corsair And Cherry Create A Mechanical Keyboard With A 'Silent' Switch

The click-clacking of keys has annoyed many a roommate. Corsair and Cherry may have developed a solution to that problem with the new Strafe RGB MX Silent keyboard.

Computers August 6, 2015

Computers That Can Recognize Sketches Faster Than Humans

A computer's 'deep neural network' shows a very human-like ability to look at a sketch and say what it is, its developers say. Oh, and by the way, it does it better and faster than you can.

Computers July 21, 2015

Scientists Build A Computer That Works More Like The Human Brain

'Memcomputers,' a type of computer that functions using a method similar to our brains' working memory, have existed in theory for years. Now, scientists have finally built one that actually works.

July 6, 2015

Water-Based Computer Uses Droplets To Represent Bits Of Information

A computer based on water has been developed at Stanford University. Is a water-based computer a steampunk dream or something far greater?

June 9, 2015

You Know You Want This Transforming Computer From Asus

Everyone wants to be a Transformer at some point in their lives - while that may dream may never come true, Asus is giving users' computers a chance with a brand new transforming case.

Computers June 2, 2015

Woman Tries To Recycle Rare Apple I Computer Worth $200,000

A woman dropped off a box of old electronics to a California recycling center, which contained the rare Apple I computer. The firm is now looking to split $200,000 with the woman.

Computers May 31, 2015

Researchers Move One Step Closer To Creating 'Speed Of Light' Computers

Tiny 'beamsplitter' on a chip could let computers work with data at the speed of light, researchers say. Discovery could remove electronic bottleneck hampering current machines, they predict.

Energy May 18, 2015

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