If a magazine's cover photo is meant to generate interest in the main story, then the August cover of Time is certainly drawing a lot of interest, but the reactions from Twitter users range from the creative to the hilarious, rather than the serious and academic.

The Aug. 17 issue of Time Magazine features a picture of Oculus founder Palmer Luckey wearing an Oculus Rift headset while floating awkwardly in the air and on the beach. The headline for the issue reads: "The Surprising Joy of Virtual Reality."

Instead of revolutionizing the way people see virtual reality, however, it has sparked people's creativity in crafting hilarious posts bashing and poking fun at the cover on Twitter.

Iconic film posts:

Virtual in virtual reality:

Other notably hilarious yet creative tweets include:

Some tweets had a serious tone, expressing disappointment over the odd-looking cover photo:

Though it may seem that the Time Magazine cover virtually killed virtual reality's moment to shine in the spotlight, the hundreds of posts online might just have sparked real and in-depth interest in the technology. In the meantime, Oculus and its employees don't seem to be bothered by all the attention the cover is getting and is, in fact, encouraging people to unleash their creativity.

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