Like everyone else in this world, you have genuine concerns that some creep working for the NSA might one day intercept your messages being sent over the Internet. Chances are these messages of yours are not for the faint of heart, and you would do anything to keep them protected.

Well, that day might just be around the corner thanks to BlackBerry. The company has chosen to focus a lot on security when comes to BBM, and although the chat service already one of the most secure available today, there's still the chance that if a hacker should crack the code, they could view all your messages.

This is where BBM Protected comes in to save the day. With BBM protected, every message sent has its own key, so if the NSA or any other hack should manage to crack the code, they will only be able to view a single message. Sounds good? Of course it does.

The company showed a demo of the BBM Protected in motion at its BlackBerry Experience Washington event. From what we can tell, BlackBerry has done a spectacular job, and such a feature could transform BBM into the go-to place when users want to keep things private from prying eyes.

It's also the perfect place to talk about the dealings of illegal drugs, but let's worry about that some other time.

BBM Protected will be available for corporate controlled BlackBerry devices in June. This is strictly an enterprise launch for now.

No doubt BBM Protected sounds awesome, but we're not sure if BlackBerry is willing to give this feature away free of charge. There's a high chance here that users will be forced to pay for this type of security, or there might be some messaging features turned off to allow BBM Protected to do its thing. Whatever the case though, this is a great move by BlackBerry. And in a world where not even the very government can be trusted, it is good to have something where users can have a chat on the web without worrying too much about who or what is looking.

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