What happens when you combine Michel Ancel, creator of the Rayman game series, with Nintendo's Super Mario Maker? Probably some darn ingenious levels.

Super Mario Maker, coming this September, is Nintendo's next big thing for its mascot character. More than merely a game, it's a powerful but easy-to-use level editor for players to mix elements, draw layouts and ultimately design their own levels. It comes complete with a social network, in which players can share the levels they've made and download those made by others.

Not much is known about the pre-made levels that come packaged with the game — except that there will be somewhere between 60 and 100 of them, depending on whom you believe.

Nintendo France just posted a video revealing that one of those pre-made levels was created by none other than Michel Ancel.

Ancel is a legend in the video game industry, having created the Rayman games, Beyond Good & Evil, and a PS4 exclusive indie title still in development called Wild. In Nintendo's new video, Ancel is seen using the Wii U gamepad and its built-in stylus to create his Super Mario Maker level. He makes it look very easy — basically drawing various parts of the level, tapping coins and enemies into being, and manipulating all sorts of in-level objects.

Unfortunately, the video is entirely in French, so we have no idea what Ancel is saying. But it's easy to imagine that he's discussing his level, talking up the ease-of-use of Mario Maker's tools — maybe offering some advice for aspiring game developers and praising Nintendo for its cleverness.

Will other Super Mario Maker levels be made by more famous game creators? It would certainly be quite the PR stunt.

Super Mario Maker will be available for Wii U on September 11, 2015.

h/t Polygon

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