3D printing is a slow growing trend that many people want to be a part of, but not all can. These things are expensive, but price does not matter when you realize a 3D printer is capable of printing out fruits.

Don't get too excited about this though, for this 3D fruit printer is nothing you can just purchase at the store. In fact, it was created by a Cambridge; UK-based company called Dovetailed. Its invention has the ability to print three-dimensional fruit, though these fruits are not real, and would likely have artificial flavoring.

To perform this awesome task, the printer uses a molecular gastronomy technique that is called spherification. This allows the 3D printer to convert liquid into gelatinous globules resembling any fruit that the printer is cable of printing. If a person plans to use fruit juice, they will have to mix it with alginic acid.

Now, after the above is done, the mixture is then thrown into calcium chloride, this creates a skin around the ball of liquid, which pops and releases sweet nectar into the mouth whenever someone bites into it.

"Our 3D fruit printer will open up new possibilities not only to professional chefs but also to our home kitchens -- allowing us to enhance and expand our dining experiences," said Dovetailed founder Vaiva Kalnikaitė. "We have re-invented the concept of fresh fruit on demand."

The whole thing sounds crazy, but it could allow chefs to come up with some cool designs when creating 5 star meals. The possibilities here are endless, and yet again it proves the potential 3D printers in the food industry.

This isn't the first time we've seen something created from a 3D printer that is able to be consumed. A few months back the first 3D printer that prints out pizzas was shown to the world, and it looks great and good to eat.

At the end of the day, we expect these things to be regulated before being able to 3D print food for the general public. We have no idea if there's any radiation within these consumable 3D printed meals, or if there's anything that could turn our health upside down.

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