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Researchers 3D Print Wearable Mesh That Can Function As Flexible Medical Braces

MIT engineers developed a 3D-printed mesh that can be used as an ankle or a knee brace. The material is flexible enough to allow comfort and movement, but stiff enough to prevent further injuries.

Biotech June 20, 2019

3D Printer With 'Eyes And Brains' Can Print New Products That Weren't Possible With Normal 3D Printing

Inkbit used machine vision and machine learning technologies to give their first industrial 3D printer 'eyes' and 'brain.' This enabled their printers to print more products and using a wider range of materials.

Robotics June 7, 2019

NASA Declares AI SpaceFactory Winner Of 3D-Printed Mars Habitat Challenge

The winner for NASA's 3D-Printed Mars Habitat Challenge has been announced. Years after the competition opened, AI SpaceFactory takes the top prize for their design, Marsha.

Space May 10, 2019

Dutch Company Concr3de Proposes Rebuilding Parts Of Notre-Dame Using 3D Printing

Rotterdam-based construction and design firm Concr3de plans to use 3D printing technology to help rebuild Notre-Dame. The company will make use of the cathedral's original materials to reconstruct its damaged parts.

Feature | Culture April 25, 2019

First 3D-Printed Heart With Human Tissue Offers Hope For Personalized Organs For Transplant

Scientists produce the first ever 3D printed heart complete with blood vessels and cells. Made from tissue taken from a patient, this 'personalized' organ is perfectly matched to the patient and expected to be received by the body without problems.

Medicine April 15, 2019

Engineers Develop Acoustic Metamaterial That Can Cancel 94 Percent Of Sound

Loud noises can be reduced up to 94 percent using metamaterials created through 3D printing. Researchers at Boston University said this technology helps create peace and quiet amid the busy industrial life.

Material Science March 11, 2019

Researchers Build Light-Based 3d Printer That's 100 Times Faster Than Normal 3D Printers

A new method promises a faster, more efficient approach to 3D printing. By using two lights, researchers say that the new method can create complex shapes from vats of liquid resin.

January 13, 2019

Researchers 3D Print A Robot Hand And Teach It To Play The Piano

A robotic hand designed to mimic the human hand was able to play different styles of music on a piano. The project, according to researchers, aims to improve designs for prosthetics and other objects that require complex movements.

Robotics December 21, 2018

Ant-Man Technology? MIT Researchers Develop Method To Shrink Objects To Nanoscale

Using a process known as implosion fabrication, researchers from MIT said that they can shrink objects to the nanoscale level. What are the potential applications of this technology?

Feature | Science December 15, 2018

Scientists Create 'Bionic Mushroom' That Can Generate Electricity

Researchers were able to turn regular white button mushrooms into sources of electricity. They manipulated the cyanobacteria to generate electricity for days by attaching it on top of a button mushroom.

Energy November 9, 2018

3D-Printed Guns Have 'Fingerprints': 'PrinTracker' May Help Forensic Investigators

Just as each fingerprint of a human is unique, a new study, led by University of Buffalo, said that it's now possible to trace a 3D-printed object to the machine that made it. The 'PrinTracker,' the study said, can be very helpful to law enforcement agencies and intelligence officers in tracing the origin of 3D printed guns and counterfeit goods.

Gadgets October 19, 2018

Scientists Create The Very First 3D-Printed Human Corneas

Two researchers at Newcastle University created the world’s first 3D-printed human corneas. They were able to take cornea stem cells along with bio-ink to create 3D circular corneas.

Biotech May 30, 2018

New 3D Handheld Printer Can Heal Deep Wounds At A Faster Rate

Researchers from the University of Toronto have created a new device that heals deep wounds in two minutes. The device is considered to be a better alternative than the regular procedure for treating severe wounds.

Biotech May 7, 2018

Expectant Parents Can Have 3D Models Of Unborn Babies

A company is offering 3D model prints of unborn babies and the prints are based on 3D ultrasound photos. 3D printed models are used to study the fetal anatomy and the baby's health.

Robotics March 13, 2018

Startup Company To Build 3D Print Homes For $10,000

Austin-based company ICON collaborated with non-profit New Story to build 3D printed homes for just $10,000. A model home was unveiled during the SXSW show this month.

Feature | Tech March 13, 2018

This 3D-Printed Smartphone Case Can Measure Blood Pressure, But Is It Accurate Enough?

A 3D-printed smartphone case that is capable of measuring blood pressure has the potential to save lives. However, before it may be considered a 'game-changer' in medical technology, it will first have to prove the accuracy of its readings.

Biotech March 8, 2018

3-D Printing To The Rescue Of US Military. Printing Drones On Demand Is On Its Way

A new technology developed through the joint efforts of the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corps will allow the U.S. warfighters to develop its own Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

Defense January 3, 2018

Engineers Develop 3D-Printed Objects That Connect To Wi-Fi And Don’t Even Need Power

Researchers were able to create 3D-printed objects that can transmit Wi-Fi signals. Oh, and these objects don’t even need power or any kind of electronics to communicate.

Gadgets December 6, 2017

LOOK: This Artificial Muscle Can Lift Up To 1,000 Times Its Own Weight

This artificial muscle is not just incredibly strong, but it also comes cheap at just three cents per gram. Are we one step closer to seeing more lifelike robots?

Robotics September 22, 2017

This 3D Printed Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet Also Cools and Charges The Hybrid Console

The Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet by ConcaveChest does more than just hold the hybrid console, as it also offers cooling and charging functions. Nintendo Switch owners with 3D printers should definitely give this project a look.

Video Games August 18, 2017

3D-Printed Bricks From Fake Lunar Soil May Help Build Human Colonies On The Moon Someday

In a new experiment done by the European Space Agency (ESA), bricks were 3D-printed out of fake lunar soil and given solar heat. Learn more about these 3D-printed moon bricks and their role in future human colony on the moon.

Space May 25, 2017

New 3D 'Space Fabric' Marries Fashion And Engineering To Protect Astronauts, Spacecraft From Debris

Meet the new 'space fabric,' a versatile, pliable 3D-printed material courtesy of NASA engineers. This highly flexible metallic fabric resembling chain mail has multiple scientific applications and could be used to shield spacecraft from asteroids and insulate astronaut spacesuits.

Space May 5, 2017

Want To Quickly Construct An Entire Dome? This MIT 3D Printer Can Do It Within 14 Hours

MIT researchers constructed and developed a robotic system, which used 3D printing to construct primary architectural structures. The MIT 3D Printer successfully constructed a dome within 14 hours.

Robotics April 30, 2017

Could This 3D-Printed Patch Heal A Damaged Heart?

Biomedical researchers have produced a novel 3D-bioprinted patch that could help renew scarred tissue and assist heart attack patients. Could this be the breakthrough that study of heart failure is waiting for?

Medicine April 24, 2017

Ingenious Solution To Coral Bleaching Crisis: 3D-Printed Reefs Could Repopulate The Ocean

As conservationists struggle to save endangered reefs worldwide, 3D-printed corals seem to offer a viable solution for the protection of marine ecosystems. This technology enables scientists to engineer perfect replicas of natural reefs, providing homes for new coral polyps.

Earth/Environment March 13, 2017

Liquid Metal 3D Printing Holds Promise As Revolutionary Manufacturing Method

3D printing with metals is nothing new but a startup is taking the process to the next level by using liquid metal instead of the usual powdered ones, potentially revolutionizing the manufacturing process.

Material Science January 16, 2017

MIT Researchers Develop Porous, 3D Graphene 10 Times Stronger Than Steel But Lighter

It has been established that graphene is a strong material, and it just keeps getting better. Researchers have created a new form of the material that makes it 10 times stronger than steel at a mere fraction of the latter’s density.

Material Science January 7, 2017

Researchers Carry Out Live Cell Imaging With Just A Smartphone

New research has proposed a cheaper alternative to the expensive scientific equipment necessary for the observation of cell dynamics and behavior. The new method uses smartphones and it is significantly cheaper.

Biotech December 24, 2016

This 3D-Printed Material Shrinks When Heated

Most solid materials expand when heated. Using a 3D printing process known as projection microstereolithography, researchers made a metamaterial that shrinks when exposed to heat.

Material Science October 26, 2016

MIT Researchers Develop Shock-Absorbent 3D-Printed Robots With Soft Skins [VIDEO]

By programming soft materials according to design specifications, MIT CSAIL researchers have managed to create a shock-absorbent 3D-printed robot with soft skins. The technology may be used in a range of applications, from commercial to military.

Robotics October 4, 2016

You Can Soon 3D Print 'Skylanders Imaginators' Heroes Via Creator App

'Skylanders' companion app 'Creators' for iOS and Android, which lets players design custom Imaginator heroes, is available now. For $49.99, players can order a 3D print version and import it as a playable character in 'Skylanders Imaginators,' coming Oct. 16.

Apps/Software October 4, 2016

Can 3D-Printed Objects 'Remember' Their Original Shapes?

An international team of scientists successfully manipulated a 3D-printed structure that can 'remember' its original shape. The process can lead to advancements in a wide range of fields.

Material Science August 28, 2016

This Smartphone Case Will Make It Easier To Catch 'Em All In 'Pokémon GO'

Jon Cleaver has uploaded 3D printing blueprint for a smartphone case that will help 'Pokémon GO' players in catching Pokémon. However, the case is currently only compatible with select smartphones.

Video Games July 24, 2016

Police Request For 3D-Printed Fingers To Unlock A Murder Victim's Smartphone

The police approached a Michigan State University professor with the unusual request to create 3D-printed fingers. The authorities will use the replica to unlock the smartphone of a murder victim.

Security July 22, 2016

‘Pokémon GO’ Player Makes Charging Pokédex Smartphone Case, Addresses Battery Drain In Game

Never run out of juice while playing 'Pokémon GO' with a Battery Pack Pokédex! If you’re going to be the best like no one ever was, it can't hurt to look the part, right?

Video Games July 19, 2016

'Doom' BFG Is Even Bigger Than You Thought

An official Bethesda-approved 'Doom' BFG replica is massive.

Geek July 8, 2016

New 3D Printing Technique Helps Create Jaw Prosthesis For Cancer Survivor

A revolutionary 3D printing technique developed by scientists from Indiana University has changed both the field of medicine and the life of a cancer survivor named Shirley Anderson. Here is his story.

Biotech July 4, 2016

Scientists Design 3D-Printed Pills For Personalized Medicine: How It Works

A breakthrough fabrication method developed by scientists in Singapore can be adjusted to suit every patient's personalized medication. This invention is in the form of 3D-printed pills.

Medicine May 30, 2016

Airbus Subsidiary APWorks Unveils World's First 3D-Printed Motorcycle: Meet The Electric Light Rider

APWorks, one of Airbus’ subsidiaries, recently unveiled a 3D printed motorcycle that weighs less than its future riders. Meet Light Rider, the first 3D printed electric motorcycle that packs powerful specs.

Car Tech May 21, 2016

Harvard 3D Printer Uses Lasers To Make Self-Supporting Metal Structures In Mid-air

A 3D printer uses lasers to create metallic objects in mid-air.

Gadgets May 17, 2016

Scandy 3D-Prints Your 360-Degree Panoramic Images Into Spherical Photos

Panoramic images can also be uploaded to the Scandy system, which takes the digital information and 3D prints it into a sphere-shaped photograph that customers can hold in their hand.

Gadgets May 16, 2016

Your Cat Can Finally Talk Back In A Human Voice With Temptations' 3D-Printed Collar

Temptations Lab developed a 3D-printed collar that gives your cat the ability to talk back by translating meows to English.

Wearable Tech May 13, 2016

One Poland Nonprofit Is Working On 3D-Printed Smart Glasses For The Visually Impaired

Users who are wearing the glasses can press a button on the frame to take a picture of the object in front of them.

Wearable Tech May 13, 2016

High-Tech Vending Machines Will Dispense 3D-Printed Snacks In The Future

Finnish nonprofit VTT Technical Research Centre is investing in high-tech vending machines that will allow customers to customize their healthy snack that is 3D-printed.

Life & Style May 5, 2016

3D Graphene Lab’s Dr. Daniel Stolyarov Is Engineering The Future Atom By Atom

As the sole manufacturer of graphene-enhanced printing materials, 3D Graphene Lab co-founder Daniel Stolyarov is at the forefront of a game-changer in the 3D printing industry.

Business Tech April 29, 2016

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