It remains to be seen just how much Google's Life Sciences division will change now that its operating as a separate subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., but it's certainly keeping busy amid all the changes with its parent company. It's confirmed today that it is entering into a partnership with glucose monitoring company Dexcom to develop new products for people with diabetes.

More specifically, the two plan to work together on wearable, disposable glucose monitoring devices that are the size of a bandage and (naturally) connected to the cloud. Dexcom will be providing the sensor technology, while Google's Life Sciences team will work to miniature the electronics platform. According to the companies, those sensors will be "low cost," and they say they could eventually "replace finger sticks and become the standard of care."

There's no indication just yet as to when the new devices might actually be available, though. They also aren't the only such devices for diabetics that the Life Sciences team have been working on. Google struck another deal last year with Novartis to further develop (and eventually commercialize) some smart contact lenses it has been working on, which could be used to monitor the wearer's blood sugar levels.

Via The Next Web

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