Iron Maiden is back with its first new album in 5 years, and the old-school heavy metal band is kicking things off with a cyberspace centric music video that is sure to grab the attention of gamers.

Titled "Speed of Light," the music video features Iron Maiden's zombie mascot Eddie traveling through cyberspace and battling his way through various video game genres.

First up is a 2D platformer reminiscent of the arcade classic Donkey Kong, but in Iron Maiden's signature heavy metal style, of course. Eddie climbs ladders and leaps over flaming televisions before sending a late-night ruffian to his death, winning the heart of what appears to be Jessica from Who Framed Roger Rabbit in the process.

Next Eddie travels to the world of a sidescrolling action game. Wielding a laser gun and a hatchet, Eddie hacks his way through enemies to the stage's final UFO-like boss.

It's at Eddie's third destination where things get really crazy, as he finds himself in a fighting game facing off against none other than "The Beast," aka Satan himself. The two duke it out in bloody fashion until Eddie performs a fatality straight out of Mortal Kombat, holding his opponents severed head up as blood spurts from The Beast's neck.

But that's not the grand finale. Last but certainly not least, Eddie winds up in a first-person shooter, battling Incan skeletons and an albino Tyrannosaurus Rex with an M-16.

What exactly this music video has to do with the song or the band's upcoming album The Book Of Death (in stores Sept. 4) is anybody's guess, but this isn't the first time the band has dabbled in the world of video games. The group released an Iron Maiden on-rails shooter coupled with a greatest hits album called Ed Hunter in 1999.

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