As if the release of Super Mario Maker being less than a month away isn't exciting enough, the highly anticipated title's newest features are poised to send Nintendo gamers into a frenzy.

On Wednesday, August 12, it was revealed that upward of 50 amiibo will be supported and that gamers will be able to make musical levels using special blocks.

Nintendo's overview video for Super Mario Maker shows the ability to tap compatible amiibo to the Wii U GamePad, before being able to use that character in levels of the game. Although the video shows classic Nintendo characters such as Link, Bowser, Luigi and Kirby in action, characters like Pit from Kid Icarus, Little Mac from Punch-Out and Samus from Metroid will also reportedly be compatible for use in Super Mario Maker. Pac-Man and Mega Man will apparently be available for use as well.

Gamers will be able to make their own Mario levels based on games from the past within the series and share them online for other players to try to conquer. However, Super Mario Maker levels can't be shared unless they're first beaten by their creators. Gamers will also have to work with the available toolset, unlocking more options as times goes on.

Some of these created levels can be musical levels, as the game will let players create and utilize their own sound effects. Music blocks can be strategically placed within levels, playing tunes upon Mario or other characters hitting them.

Super Mario Maker is scheduled for a September 11 release on Wii U.

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