See, this is why Android can't have nice things. On the day Fallout Shelter finally expanded from iOS to Android, someone hacked the game's leaderboards. 

Autonomous game studio, a beloved developer and publisher Bethesda, announced and launched Fallout Shelter at E3 last July. The mobile game dominated the iOS charts for about a month.

On Aug. 13, Fallout Shelter finally arrive on Android. On the same day, Fallout Shelter's leaderboards were hacked.

Likely getting the attention he wanted, a Fallout Shelter player, going by the name Jake Poile, now sits atop the game's Android leaderboards with two billion points -- he's still there. The number two and three players have less than 40,000 points combined.

The apparent hacker, spotted by Reddit, also has more rooms than next two player's combined. His Fallout Shelter vault is made up of over 640 rooms. The second and third place players have less than 500 combined.

The game measures happiness on a scale of zero to 100. The second and third place players both have done a good enough job managing their vaults and their vault's dwellers, that they've both earned happiness scores of 100. Poile's happiness score is one billion.

Redditor Xiongshan claims to have found his own loophole in Fallout Shelter, though his hack has brought down his personal happiness score.

"I did a save mod to get 1100 lunch boxes, but I played for a bit un-modded and I'm having more fun with the free lunchboxes," he says. "I don't like the idea of paying for RNG Equipment packs for any game and if there's a way to get it free, I will do it." 

It's not yet clear how Poile hacked Fallout Shelter's leaderboards. Bethesda may shed some light into the matter once the weekend is over. The game studio says it doesn't have any more mobile games in the pipeline, but it plans to support Fallout Shelter for a long time.

The Android release of the game brought with it, on both platforms, the annoying Mole Rats and the murderous Deathclaws. Bethesda also delivered wasteland explorer Mr. Handy, a robot that can search for resources outside of the vaults and defend vault dwellers. 

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