There has been a lot of excitement lately surrounding the launch of the new Galaxy Note 5 from Samsung. While earlier news said that the dual-SIM version of the device will have the highly-desired microSD slot, newly leaked images from Taiwan suggest that the upcoming phablet will not be equipped with any storage expansion capabilities.

In a previous report at Tech Times, we described how a leaked photo of the Galaxy Note 5 was seen online showing the device with a microSD card slot. The image came from Hong Kong-based site ePrice and gives the impression that the phablet will feature dual SIM card trays, with one of them being able to double as a microSD card slot. This was assumed based on the stamped microSD logo seen on the tray.

The report also noted the positioning of the microSD card slot to be somewhere on the left side of the phablet, while the S pen stylus will then be nestled on the right side. Although the tray seemed too big to accommodate a regularly-sized microSD card, the report noted that an adaptor should be able to resolve the size issue.

The latest leaked pictures, however, may once and for all put a stop to the microSD slot rumors. The images, which seem to have been taken by a legit source, reveal a number of parts of the upcoming device. These include the S-Pen's new push mechanism and the micro USB 2.0, which should not be confused with the USB-C. There is no sign, however, of a microSD slot.

The Galaxy Note 5 will feature a 5.7-inch quad HD display and will be clad in a metal and glass build. Samsung touts the device to have better specs and to bear the return of the S-Pen.

While pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 5 has already started, Samsung announced that the official launch is set on Aug. 21. Customers from the U.S. should be able to get their hands on the device which will be available in major carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. Those who opt to get it from Best Buy and Amazon will also be able to do so. 

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