In an attempt to compete against Apple's Beats, Samsung just introduced the latest addition to its line-up of premium headphones.

Samsung's Level On Wireless Pro headphones is equipped with ultra high quality audio (UHQA), which is said to provide an enhanced sound experience, playing music in high definition with sound quality better than CDs that makes the listeners feel as though they are hearing it live.

However, to be able to enjoy the enhanced audio, the consumer must have a device like the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or Note 5 that supports UHQA.

The noise-cancelling wireless headphones have four external and internal microphones to help it cancel out background noise, as well as a "talk-in mode" that allows them to hear surrounding sounds while listening to music. That mode is beneficial if users are walking home alone late a night, or when going for that early morning run and wanting to be mindful of their surroundings.

The Level On Pro also has smart-touch capabilities, allowing listeners to skip tracks and adjust the volume right from the unit, and its premium 40 mm dual-layered diaphragm creates a more balanced sound.

The wireless headphones connects to a device via Bluetooth 4.1, and play for up to 10 hours in the active noise-cancelling (ANC) mode, and up to 20 hours with ANC off. When the headphone are wired, play time will last up until 18 hours with ANC on.

The Level On Wireless Pro headphones have a sleek design made for comfort with memory foam cushions. The headphones come in two colors: black and "premium gold."

It is not yet known when Samsung's Level On Wireless Pro headphones will hit shelves, or what the retail price will be. However, it's likely to start around $250, the price of the company's Level On Wireless headphones that are available in black sapphire, white, blue and red.

Via: Samsung Tomorrow


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