Vault Boy has created his own Tinder profile, and apparently, his fictitious company Vault-Tec is hoping that his attractive new online dating profile will lure other people into signing up to become Vault-Tec overseers.

Of course, all this is part of a new advertising campaign launched by Bethesda to spread the word about Fallout Shelter for Android and iOS. It's a new take on advertising, and since the game is all about building "the perfect underground community," the move to advertise the game on a dating app is simply a savvy take on, ahem, finding love with the right partner.

"Build a brighter future together ... underground!" Vault Boy's profile says. "Swipe right to be selected as a Vault-Tec overseer and create the perfect underground community. Start building today!"

For those who are hinging on swiping right, Vault Boy says he likes Nuka Cola, putting out fires, taking coffee breaks and exploring the blasted wasteland. He also has a thing for collecting bottle caps, lunchboxes and outfits. His favorite quote is one he made himself: "If love was radiation, I'd need a box of RadAways."

There are also pictures of Vault Boy, with his hair slightly made over, with a drink in hand at the vault bar, to let potential partners know he knows how to let his hair down. Tinder users will also see him at the lab, holding some sort of medical equipment, to show off his brainy side. And, of course, there's also a picture of him in full protective suit, ready to battle fires, so that future mates know he also has the brawn to match the brains.

Once daters swipe right, Vault Boy will also like their profile to make a match, and Vault Boy will send a link to download the app for their devices. Unfortunately, that is when Vault Boy vanishes, like pretty much all the 25-year-old commitment-phobic men we've dated in our past lives. Just when you're getting serious, it turns out they're just looking to hook up with someone else.

Fortunately, Fallout Shelter is a pretty good game that gets users hooked in once they start building their vaults, so it's quite easy to forget about Vault Boy's sudden disappearance.

Bethesda has been advertising Vault Boy's Tinder profile on its other social media channels. On Twitter, the game maker is promoting same-sex relationships, which isn't allowed in the game to encourage the proliferation of the human species, using the hashtags #DateADweller and #SwipeRight.

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