There's an all-new Firefly coming to Gotham, at least according to a recent casting announcement by NBC about the second season of the series.

Although Firefly is male in the comics, Gotham decided to change things up a bit and cast a female in the role, actress Michelle Veintimilla. This particular version of the character has the alter ego of Bridgit Pike.

In season 2, Veintimilla teams up with future Catwoman, Selina Kyle. Here's the official description of the character on the series:

"Enslaved by her brothers, a notorious gang of arsonists, Bridgit Pike is forced into the family business. When she catches the eye of Selina Kyle, the young Catwoman and the soon-to-be-Firefly team up to put Bridgit's firestarting skills to good use. But after a deadly encounter with the Pike Brothers, the meek Cinderella is transformed into a vengeful supervillain, hell-bent on destroying those who have wronged her."

In DC Comics, Firefly was one of two male characters. The first was Garfield Lynns, a visual effects wizard down on his luck. In his first comic book appearance, he fakes a fire in a Gotham City theater to rob it, but gets stopped by Batman and Robin. Eventually, Lynns becomes Firefly and uses his expertise to commit his crimes.

The second Firefly in the comics is Ted Carson, a wealthy man who gambles away his family's fortune. This forces him to turn to crime to maintain his luxurious lifestyle. His first appearance at Firefly occurs when he crashes a party attended by Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. This iteration of the character uses his technology to commit crimes, such as a sonic weapon and a powerful light beam. Eventually, though, he becomes a pyromaniac and uses fire for his bad deeds.

It's likely that we'll see something similar to Ted Carson on Gotham, but in female form: a woman with pyromaniac tendencies that uses fire to commit crimes.

Season two of Gotham premieres on Fox on Sept. 21.

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