With Gotham's season premiere only about a month or so away, Fox has started ramping up promotion for the second season of the series, including a new trailer focusing exclusively on the villains of Gotham City.

Sure, there's a hint of the Gotham City Police Department, including Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), in this new trailer, but it's really all about Cameron Monaghan's character, Jerome, who most believe will become the show's version of the Joker.

In the new trailer, we're told that "the lunatics will run the asylum" and get sneak peeks of some of those villains we've already seen hinted at on the show, including Penguin, the Riddler and Jerome. There are also a few new faces, too, including a few masked characters.

Previous teasers have already suggested that Gotham's second season will focus almost exclusively on the city's villains (and most who watch the show would argue they're more interesting than the good guys anyway).

Earlier this year, actor Robin Lord Taylor, who portrays Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin) on the series, confirmed two other villains for the series, although they do not appear in this trailer. Fox has also announced many other villains for this season, including Clayface, Calendar Man, Hugo Strange, Tommy Elliot and possibly even the Court of Owls.

Returning to the series is Barbara, who eventually became a villain last season: she'll start off the first few episodes at Arkham Asylum.

"That moment where she kills her parents is the moment she sets herself completely free from every tie she ever had — her ties to Jim, to society, or maybe even sanity, you could argue," said Erin Richards, who portrays the character, to Entertainment Weekly.

"I know two villains specifically for next season: Mr. Freeze and Mad Hatter are both coming to Gotham," said Taylor at a Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con panel. "I'm excited about that."

Also missing from the latest promotional videos is Michael Chicklis, who recently signed on to play Captain Nathaniel Barnes of the GCPD, a mentor to Gordon.

Gotham returns to Fox on September 21.

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