Nuance, the company that took dictation beyond doctors' offices, is going mobile as it prepares to launch Dragon Anywhere for Android and iOS.

The very nature of working with hard copies of documents can constrain productivity considerably for both organizations and individuals, according Nuance's Peter Mahoney, senior vice president and general manager of Dragon.

"By expanding our Dragon portfolio, we are extending the benefits of robust speech recognition and transcription across the workforce," said Mahoney. "Now, organizations can better manage their speech deployments, professionals can increase their productivity in the office, and field workers can complete their documentation in a more timely and convenient manner."

When Dragon Anywhere launches this fall, users will have the ability to dictate and edit documents of any length from Android and iOS devices for any amount of time. Like Nuance's other dictation offerings, Dragon Anywhere will adjust to the individual's voice to learn and improve its accuracy. It will also not be cheap at $15 a month.

Dragon Anywhere is connected to the cloud and enjoys specific support for popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Evernote.

"By leveraging the cloud, Dragon Anywhere provides sophisticated dictation, editing, and formatting capabilities not offered by any other mobile voice dictation application, ensuring that professionals can stay productive wherever their work takes them."

The power of voice extends to navigation and formatting. Users can move field to field and apply formatting options, such as underline and bold, using only their words to do so. Users can also select words and sentences to revise or remove them.

To further streamline dictation and editing on Dragon Anywhere, the software supports pre-formatted text and the ability to add custom words to its dictionary.

"For years, professionals across industries have relied on Dragon on their PCs and Macs for completing the documentation and paperwork requirements that are critical to their businesses," said Mahoney, "And we are excited to extend that experience to mobile devices with Dragon Anywhere."

Dragon Anywhere will be available in English in the U.S. and UK on iOS and Android in the fall of this year. Nuance hasn't yet disclosed pricing for Dragon Anywhere.

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