The Grand Theft Auto franchise has shipped more than 220 million units in the series' lifetime, Take-Two Interactive announced in the company's recent shareholder outreach presentation. That number refers to the number of sold-in units — those sold to retailers, not those sold to consumers, which are referred to as sold-through units.

The parent company of Grand Theft Auto's developer Rockstar Games also revealed in the presentation that more than 54 million of those units were of Grand Theft Auto V alone, the latest game from the franchise released in September 2013.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise began in October 1997 with the release of Grand Theft Auto. The Grand Theft Auto series has included several games, expansions and DLC packs over the years on various platforms with subtitles such as London 1969, Vice City and San Andreas.

Also included in the presentation was Take-Two Interactive's previously announced net revenues for fiscal year 2015. The company earned $1.7 billion, which it partly attributed to an "outperformance of strong holiday lineup" that included Grand Theft Auto V. Take-Two Interactive took in $2.4 billion in revenue during the same period the previous year.

Via: IGN

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