In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony Stark calls in the Hulkbuster Iron Man suit to stop the Hulk from causing incalculable destruction.

In Grand Theft Auto V for PC, players call in the Hulkbuster whenever they want to go on no-holds-barred rampage in a nearly indestructible tank suit that can fly like a jet, destroying anything and everything along the way.

Needless to say most GTA V players would be using this bad boy on a daily basis were it in the game proper. Alas, it is just a mod, but that doesn't change the fact that it is still insanely cool. The mod is the creation of JulioNIB, who has already brought the standard Iron Man suit to life in the game.

This new creation is even more impressive. The suit truly looks like it has weight to it. It can boost around just like in Age of Ultron, allows the wearer to lift massive objects like cars and throw them as if they were made out of paper, boasts a number of missiles and features an impressive ground pound attack.

It's not quite an exact replica of the Hulkbuster suit seen in the movie (the Hulkbuster armor in the film is larger), but it certainly packs more than enough punch to handle anything and everything that Los Santos can throw at it. It never gets old watching the Hulkbuster swat police helicopters out of the sky, as if a drunk Tony Stark has simple become fed up with the status quo and has decided enough is enough.

Now all GTA V needs is a Hulk to combat the Hulkbuster. It might not end well for Los Santos, but it sure would be entertaining.

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