Bad For Multitasking? Samsung Galaxy Note 5 And Galaxy S6 Edge+ Aggressively Kills Apps In Background


With a beefed up RAM and a bigger battery size, a lot has been expected from the newly announced Galaxy S6 Edge+ from Samsung. However, a new video showed that a handset's performance does not entirely depend on the enhancement of such features.

Users of the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge may have noticed how their devices have this unexpected habit of closing apps in the background which seemed strange since there's no way that the devices are doing such because of the lack of memory. In this manner, the app, after loading it previously and leaving it on its state for a certain period of time, seemed to load again when being accessed instead of simply resuming quickly to its previous state.

In order to demo further, the newly announced Galaxy S6 Edge+ is placed side by side with the Nexus 6 in a video. The video aims to show which device moves quicker when it comes to multitasking and accomplishing processes.

Several apps were then opened one by one in each of the device which include Yelp, Instagram, BaconReader, Twitter, Spotify, Google+, YouTube, Photos and Maps. Each app is opened at the same time on each device. After loading an app, each would then be redirected to a particular post or page.

After the last app is opened, which in this case is the Maps, the video then showed the Yelp being resumed in both devices at the same time. While the Nexus 6 has quickly resumed the app, it took the Galaxy S6 Edge+ around three seconds to resume.

The same thing was observed with the rest of the apps. The Nexus 6 was able to resume much more quickly than the Galaxy S6 Edge+. The former, compared with the new handset from Samsung, has 3,220mAh battery and 3GB RAM.

Interestingly, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ features the so-called "Apps Edge" which works by providing a quick access to app shortcuts. It also has 4GB RAM which promises to make the device great at multitasking.

Some users also shared their comments on the multitasking aspect of the handsets from Samsung after seeing the video.

"The Note5 and S6 edge + can do multitasking up to about 7-8 apps but starts getting aggressive with 9 apps opened," says YouTube subscriber Jason Ty. "Personally, I only switch between 2-3 apps so it's not a problem for me and prefer that the older apps gets killed to save battery."

"Samsung needs about twice as much RAM as other Android phones to perform the same," says another YouTube subscriber Grayson Carr. "Give it 6 GB and maybe then it can match the Nexus 6 with 3 GB."

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