A neat new app called Vysor now lets Android users easily control their smartphone from Chrome, thanks to a special extension.

Vysor comes from ClockworkMod's Koushik Dutta, aka Koush, and an early beta of the app is already available now in the Chrome web store. The app looks very promising and it's impressively good for a beta in its stage.

This neat Chrome extension recreates a fully functioning copy of your Android screen on your desktop, complete with mouse support. It's worth pointing out; however, Vysor works over ADB and requires an USB connection for now. ADB remote sharing is in the cards as well, but will likely come at a later date.

Once Vysor detects the connected device, it automatically opens a floating desktop window that shows your Android screen. You can resize this desktop window, as well as click and drag to control the phone. Users can even wake up their Android handset by clicking in the browser window. The app also has some hotkeys for phones that don't have on-screen navigation buttons. For instance, right click is "Back," while F1 is "Menu." Some detailed documentation in this regards should become available once the app is finished and ready for release.

As Koush touts, Vysor stands out from the crowd due to its "seamless setup and compatibility," as it doesn't require any rooting to boot. The app was actually designed as a developer tool, aiming to give users the best of a physical device while also delivering the integration and convenience of an emulator in the development environment.

One of the best features of Vysor is called Vysor Share, which allows users to share their Android device with another Vysor user, regardless of their location.

"This is something I've wanted as an indie dev for a long time: a way to deploy and debug on a remote tester's device. It's as easy as sending a link," Koush explains.

A Vysor Server is also in the cards, aiming to allow an Android developer team to remotely access a device farm. This would significantly simplify the testing process, as developers could access test devices through Vysor rather than passing them around.

Vysor leaked out before it was ready for launch, nonetheless it seems quite promising and more great things are en route. For now, you can find the beta as an extension that you can add to Chrome. Check out the video below to get a better idea of how Vysor Share works.


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