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Browser Extension Secretly Stole Chrome And Firefox Users' Entire Browsing History

The Stylish browser extension has apparently been secretly recording users' browser history since January 2017, when it changed owners. Chrome, Firefox, and Opera have now pulled the extension.

Internet July 6, 2018

Malicious Chrome Extension Based On 'The Wild Thornberrys' Infects 100,000 Users And Mines For Cryptocurrency

Google recently deleted a malicious Chrome extension that infected 100,000 users. It was based on 'The Wild Thornberrys' television show and mined for cryptocurrency.

Security May 11, 2018

Google Chrome Cryptocurrency Extensions Now Banned To Protect Users From Scammers

Scammers abused cryptocurrency mining extensions to trick unsuspecting users, so Google was taking action. The Chrome Web Store no longer allowed such extensions and removed existing ones.

Google April 3, 2018

Archive Poster Chrome Extension Mines Cryptocurrency Via Users' Computers In Secret

Archive Poster, a Google Chrome extension popular with Tumblr users, was reportedly weaponized for cryptocurrency mining. The target of the cryptojacking attack, in the form of Coinhive, is a digital currency known as Monero.

Apps/Software December 31, 2017

NOPE Is The Chrome Extension For Ignoring Annoying Coworkers

Those looking to increase their productivity at work and ignore distracting coworkers need to check out the NOPE button browser extension for Chrome.

Internet February 28, 2017

Annoyed By Facebook’s Autoplay Feature? Here’s How To Block It For Good

Facebook’s autoplay feature might be annoying and intrusive for many, though certainly not unstoppable as some are wont to think. This Chrome and Opera extension does the job.

Apps/Software February 21, 2017

Washington Post Launches Fact-Check Tool For Just One Twitter Account: Donald Trump's

The Washington Post has released a Chrome extension specifically designed to fact-check posts from a single Twitter account: Donald Trump's. The plugin points out when tweets are inaccurate or false and offers additional information to explain.

Apps/Software December 18, 2016

Find What To Watch Next With This Random Button For Netflix Chrome Extension

The Random Button for Netflix is a Chrome extension that helps users find something to watch next just by clicking from the homepage.

Apps/Software September 13, 2016

How To View Instagram Stories On The Web

There is now a Chrome extension that allows Instagram users to view Stories on the web. Here’s how to use it.

Internet August 12, 2016

Sick Of 'Pokémon Go' In Your Browser? These Chrome Extensions Block 'Em All

"Pokémon" content has flooded the Internet ever since the release of 'Pokémon Go.' For Google Chrome users who are getting annoyed, there are a couple of extensions you could use to get the little creatures off your browser.

Internet July 13, 2016

Google Takes Down Chrome Extension That Tracked Jewish People

Google has pulled down the Coincidence Detector extension for its Chrome browser, which enabled users with anti-Jew sentiments to identify and track Jewish people.

Google June 4, 2016

Go In Ghost Mode In Facebook Messenger With This Chrome Productivity Plug-in

The Ghost for Chat Chrome plug-in makes users go invisible on Facebook so friends won't message them as they increase productivity.

Apps/Software May 26, 2016

T-Mobile Mocks AT&T Star Wars-Style: May The Fourth Prank Brings DeATTh Star Chrome Extension

T-Mobile does not miss any chance to mock its competition. The carrier launched a Chrome extension that replaces AT&T’s name with 'The DeATTh Star' on every webpage, including AT&T's own site.

Apps/Software May 4, 2016

8 Netflix Hacks To Help You Stream Content And Binge-Watch Like A Boss

Here are eight Netflix tips and tricks that will help you own your Netflix account to make the most out of streaming movies and TV series.

Life & Style May 2, 2016

Kimmy-fy The Internet Using This Google Chrome Extension

Download the Google Chrome extension called Kimmifier to bring more happiness and positivity to the Internet.

Life & Style May 2, 2016

This Chrome Extension Remove Killers' Names And Photos From Appearing Online

Download this Chrome extension to block any reference to the murderers responsible for mass or school shootings from appearing when you are reading the news online.

Internet April 27, 2016

This Chrome Extension Will Block Game Of Thrones Spoilers So You Can Browse In Peace

The GameofSpoils Chrome extension will detect and block any 'Game of Thrones' spoilers from appearing on the page users are viewing.

Geek April 22, 2016

Users Can Now Add iTunes Smart Playlists To Google Music With This Chrome Extension

Google Music users can now set their own auto-playlists similar to iTunes' smart playlists after downloading this Chrome extension.

Internet April 4, 2016

Download This Plugin To Change Facebook Reactions Emojis To Pokémon Characters And Donald Trump

Facebook users can use this browser extension to replace their animated emoji Reactions with Donald Trump's face or Pokémon characters.

Internet March 4, 2016

Latest Chrome Update Adds Data Saver Extension For PC, Huge Speed Boost For iOS

Google has launched the newest Chrome update. It comes with the Data Saver extension for PC and a significant speed boost and stability improvement for iOS.

Apps/Software January 28, 2016

This Web Tool Helps Identify Fake Amazon Reviews

Fakespot analyses Amazon product reviews to spot the amount of fakes on a particular listing.

Internet January 26, 2016

Chrome Add-Ons That Claim To Help Your Game Will Actually Steal All Your Steam Assets

A security researcher has discovered Counter-Strike Chrome extensions that actually steal users' Steam goods. Here's what you need to know about these rogue Chrome extensions plus the procedure on how to remove them.

Internet January 21, 2016

Native Chromecast Support Finally Coming To Google Chrome: How To Enable (Beta)

Google Cast beta testers got the chance to instantly stream content from their computers to their Chromecast TVs. Google evangelist and supporter François Beaufort showed the simple way to enable the neat new feature.

Internet January 16, 2016

Top Google Chrome Extensions With Great Tricks To Make You A Power User

Reddit is the place to go for tech advice, and the popular messaging board has an extensive thread dedicated to Google Chrome Extensions. We selected a few of them to let you know which you should install.

Apps/Software January 14, 2016

New 'Just Not Sorry' Gmail Plug-in Is Like Spellcheck For Self-Demeaning Phrases

A software company has developed a new email extension that identifies phrases that may be too soft or disempowering. The plug-in identifies and highlights particular words and word groups and explains why they may be unhelpful.

Apps/Software January 7, 2016

Avoid 'Star Wars' Spoilers With The Unspoiler Chrome Extension

The Unspoiler extension for Chrome will block all related content for articles with headlines, comments and social media posts that feature potential spoilers for movie and TV content.

Apps/Software December 12, 2015

Google Chrome 47 Brings Splash Screens, New Developer Features And More [Video]

Google just released its latest web browser version, adding several treats. The new Chrome 47 meets the needs of users and developers alike, bringing new developer features, important security fixes and cooperative multitasking.

Apps/Software December 2, 2015

No Heart For Twitter’s New Heart Likes? Here’s How To Get Your Star Favorites Back

Twitter erupted into chaos Tuesday when the microblogging network ditched its star favorites for heart likes. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer from being forced into declaring your emotions on Twitter, as there are several ways to #BringTheStarBack.

Internet November 4, 2015

Want To Save iOS Apps For Later Download? Try Lookmark, Available Also As A Chrome Extension

A free service called Lookmark allows users to save iOS apps to a wish list for later download, making it easier to get apps when it's most convenient. Lookmark is available in iTunes for iPhones and iPads, as well as an extension for Chrome on desktop.

Apps/Software October 5, 2015

Vysor App Will Let You Beam Your Android Gadget's Screen To Your PC Or Mac

A new Vysor app has hit the scene, allowing Android users to cast their phone's screen on their desktop and easily control the phone from Chrome. Vysor is now available in Beta as a Chrome extension.

Apps/Software August 26, 2015

Google Hangouts Now Has Its Own Website: Here's How To Use It

Google released a standalone for Hangouts that functions similarly to how the communications service does in a variety of other access points.

Internet August 18, 2015

New Chrome Extension Changes 'Millennials' To 'Snake People'

At this point, people are tired of hearing how millennials are ruining everything. Thankfully, there is a solution... and it's absolutely hysterical. All you need is Google Chrome, a single plug-in and a love of snakes.

Internet Culture May 29, 2015

New Chrome Extension Is Perfect For People Who Keep Multiple Tabs Open

The 'Great Suspender' Google Chrome extension prevents your computer from eating memory when having multiple tabs open at once.

Internet Culture May 19, 2015

Google Patches Password Alert Protection After First Flaw ... But Another Flaw Emerges

Google trades blows with a cybersecurity consultant who pointed out flaws in Chrome's anti-phishing extension. It only took seven lines of code to stun the extension.

Internet May 4, 2015

Liven Up Your Chrome Browser With Google Art Project Extension

If you’re tired of the plain old, boring white Chrome tabs, here is something you can do to bring art and color to your browser.

Apps/Software March 13, 2015

11 Chrome Extensions That Will Turn Your Browser Tabs Into Works Of Art

Google released a Chrome extension that shows you a famous work of art every time you open a new tab. Here are 11 other Chrome extensions that will make you love looking at your tabs.

Internet Culture March 12, 2015

7 Ways To Get Around The Paywalls Of WSJ, NYT And More

When you've hit a paywall there are a few easy ways to hack the system. From Chrome extensions to read-it-later apps, we've rounded up seven great ways to navigate around a paywall.

March 10, 2015

8 Amazon Hacks You Probably Didn't Know About

We all know that Amazon has pretty much anything you could ever want to buy online. Here are some little-known ways to be even better at it.

Feature January 22, 2015

The 9 Best Google Chrome Apps And Extensions For Productivity

A new year means means getting stuff done. Why don't you let these Google Chrome apps and extensions help you become the best you you can be this year?

Feature January 12, 2015

Do you hate the word 'Millennial'? Then this Chrome Extension is perfect for you

The Chrome Extension 'Millennials Begone!' replaces the word 'Millennial' on a webpage with the phrase 'pesky whipper-snapper.' This is quite possibly the greatest thing to happen to the Internet.

Internet Culture August 9, 2014

Google releases End-to-End encryption tool for Chrome. Now, email like a spy.

Google has introduced an email encryption extension for Chrome but needs the help of developers to unearth bugs in it before End-to-End is made available to the public.

Internet June 4, 2014

Google yanks Chrome extensions that secretly zapped users with adware and malware

Google has blocked two Chrome browser extensions that were updated to render ads on webpages in a way that violated the company's terms of services.

Apps/Software January 20, 2014

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