An iPhone Case That Also Holds A Pair of Reading Glasses


If you're an iPhone 6 user with a penchant for reading, look no further: an Australian design team is raising money to produce the Lenzcase, an iPhone case that doubles as a case for your reading glasses.

Marketed as "one elegant case for your iPhone 6 and your readers," the Lenzcase is made from polycarbonate, comes with a "switchblade" action to spring your typical pair of glasses out easily and only adds about 6.55 mm to the typical iPhone case. According to the team, it's also ergonomically compatible and provides protection for easily-breakable readers:

"From the cleverly engineered spring-loaded mechanism that 'snaps' the readers out for instant use, to the tactile textured surface that sits ergonomically in your hand, your Lenzcase is the perfect reason to leave your readers behind tonight. The beautiful contours on the back of the case provides a third point of touch for ease of handling."

The original idea for the Lenzcase came from team member Cheryl Grealy, who constantly stored her husband and fellow team member Steve Grealy's glasses in her handbag. Exasperated, she figured out an alternative: an iPhone case that could provide enough storage for a pair of readers, while being sleek enough to fit in a pocket. As the latter Grealy wrote on the Lenzcase Kickstarter page, "Following Cheryl-Anne's 'light-bulb' moment over two years ago, we designed and rejected 5 different prototypes, had dozens of 3D prints and CNC units made, refined the mechanics and finalized the spring-loaded action."

An additional bonus? It deters the iPhone 6 from "bending," a common complaint with iPhone 6 users, due to the polycarbonate material used for the hardware.

Check out the Lenzcase's Kickstarter video below.


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