Mohammad Abad was 6-years old when he was dragged under a car for several feet in an accident that cost him his genitals.

Now 43-years old, the security guard from Scotland has been fitted with a bionic penis, which he hopes could help him lose his virginity and ultimately start a family.

The 8-inch inflatable penis can mimic the function of a real man's genitals and may even allow Abad to engage in sexual intercourse. 

The robotic penis is fitted with two tubes that fill up with liquid from the stomach to mimic erection once a button in the testicles is activated.

The process involves pushing a button that is connected to the scrotum and pressing another button to drain the penis after use.

"When you want a bit of action, you press the 'on' button. When you are finished, you press another button. It takes seconds. Doctors have told me to keep practicing," Abad said.

The penis also has a realistic look and feel as it is lined with flesh that doctors grafted from Abad's arm.

Abad has had 100 operations since his childhood accident to reconstruct the genital he lost but the latest implant would finally allow him to have a fully functioning genital. In 2013, he explained on Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies that the penis he had at the time was numb to the touch.

He said that the new bionic penis he has is happy to touch. It was fitted to him in an 11-hour operation by surgeons at the University College London. It took about three years to mold and fit the prosthesis.

Abad has actually been previously married but he still considers himself a virgin. He also kept his condition from his wife, who left him.

With his new appendage, Abad appears optimistic about the future. He said that he is eager to use his new organ and find women who may be interested in trying it out but his ultimate goal would be to have kids.

Elizabeth Kavaler, from Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, however, said that the device can't help with ejaculation so it can't help men who cannot ejaculate to get their partner pregnant.

Those who can ejaculate may not also have sufficient viable sperm to get a woman pregnant during intercourse. Kavaler said that the device may only help with erection making penetration possible during sex.

Photo: Pedro Ribeiro Simões | Flickr

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