We've seen several movies where soldiers fire their weapons accurately behind cover without exposing themselves. This doesn't happen in the real world, of course, but with Google Glass or a similar device, it appears the movie world is becoming reality.

Tracking Point, a company that focuses on precision guided firearms, released a prototype video on Wednesday showcasing an app designed around Google Glass. When this app is paired with the right weapon, the user will have the ability to fire at targets from behind cover without putting themselves in harm's way.

It's quite an interesting idea, and it is not a curved bullet scenario. Don't expect to see the curved bullet scenario happening anytime soon though, because that idea sounds more impossible than the sky raining cats and dogs.

From what we understand, the weapon is equipped with a camera that sends video and other data to Google Glass or any other connected devices over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This shooting system is called ShotView, as it allows the shooter to see targets from behind cover via a connected device.

At the moment, there are no plans to make the app available to consumers, but Tracking Point doesn't have to. We are certain that folks who have the necessary skills and know what they are doing could indeed mimic this technology to great effect. After all, the most important aspect here is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

We like the idea of allowing soldiers to fire at enemies without exposing themselves to gunfire. However, Tracking Point's plan is flawed. The company chose to use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, two technologies that can easily be jammed and made useless in just mere minutes or seconds.

If this route Tracking Point plans to focus on, then there is no way the company could sell its idea to any military. We assume that before long, Tracking Point will make this available to consumers, or businesses that deal in hunting or anything of the sort.

We have a feeling the military is already ahead of the game on this one. Who knows, similar technology to the one Tracking Point is working on could have already been used in the field.

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