Remember when the iPhone 6 Plus was released last year, and some users reported that the phone was so big, it was actually bending after they put it in their pockets? This even became a bit of a controversy, so much so that the ordeal got its own name, Bendgate.

An iPhone 6 Plus that could possibly bend was universally seen as a bad thing. However, one company has now intentionally made a smartphone with a bendable screen.

AUO recently debuted the phone with a bendable screen at Touch Taiwan 2015. The phone has a bending sensor that is used to control the device — as you would use a stylus or your fingers on any touchscreen display.

You can see a GIF demonstrating the flexibility of the smartphone using the Google Earth app over on Endgadget Chinese. Pulling the screen back zooms in, while pulling it forward zooms out. Pushing down on the top left corner of the device moves the display in that direction as well. There are six degrees of bending freedom in total, according to AUO.

This 5-inch device has an HD resolution of 720 x 1,280 pixels with an AMOLED screen. AUO claims that the phone is unbreakable. The company also told Endgadget Chinese that the technology can be used on phones with higher resolution or on larger devices, such as tablets.

Via: Engadget

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