Razer Will Unleash Wildcat Xbox One Controller In October: What Is A 'Tournament-Grade' Gaming Controller?


Built for tournaments and validated by gamers, the Razer Wildcat Xbox One controller offers e-Sports players durability and deep customization, Razer announced at Pax Prime over the weekend.

The Xbox 360 game controller remains the standard by which all other gamepads are measured and even Microsoft continues to cook up ways to beat it. But Razer isn't attempting to beat the Xbox 360 or even the latest Xbox One Controller.

Razer is going after the hardest of the core gamers: those who could find a slight edge by rebinding any button and adjusting the ergonomics of the gamepad.

"The Razer Wildcat for Xbox One is the third generation Razer Xbox controller and the result of years working with eSports athletes on many prototypes," says Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO for Razer. "The lightest tournament-grade controller in its class with additional remappable buttons gives gamers an incredible edge."

The Wildcat's build helps to quicken actuation speed and its body weighs about 25 percent less than other "tournament grade controllers," says Razer.

"The optimized weight, optional palm grips and reinforced wired connection are designed for long gaming sessions and gives you the unfair advantage over your foes whether it's in training or in critical tournament moments," says Razer.

Beyond weight and durability, the Wildcat flaunt a customizable design that allows users to add four additional buttons that are programmable. Users can quickly install two additional bumpers on the Wildcat's shoulders and two more triggers on it back.

"With the ability to freestyle the configuration of your controller, you get to decide exactly how you own the competition," the company says.

The Razer Wildcat will retail for $149.99 when launches globally this September. Here's a rundown of the gamepad's specifications:

⁍ Two shoulder multi-function bumpers buttons

⁍ Two detachable multi-function triggers

⁍ Four action buttons

⁍ Four button control panel⁍ Trigger stops (Optional)

⁍ 3.5 mm audio port

⁍ Rubber palm grips (optional)

⁍ Grip caps for the analog sticks (optional)

⁍ Travel case

⁍ 10 ft. detachable cable with micro-USB connector

Check out the Wildcat's promo trailer:

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