A new matchmaking service for tech geeks has popped up in Seattle. The service, called Fabulous Geeks, is the brainchild of Lana Dolinska, a former Microsoft software engineer.

Currently, the most famous matchmaker in the country is probably Patti Stanger, of Bravo's hit TV show The Millionaire Matchmaker. Stanger, known for her "no sex before monogamy" rule, personally arranges dates for wealthy clients – many of whom are in the technology field – tapping into her extensive database of millionaires and the people who want to date them.

Now following in Stanger's footsteps, Lana Dolinska has started a personal matchmaking service especially for tech geeks. Dolinska started Fabulous Geeks after always hearing colleagues in the tech field complain about being unable to meet their perfect match. She now has a list of over 3,000 clients, and is already responsible for an engagement.

Dolinska said that matching up those in the tech field has its unique challenges. The men, she explains, have more trouble communicating with women, and the women often treat a date as a business meeting, acting too "bossy" and not displaying their feminine side.

It might seem like a tech geek would eschew personal service for something more fitting, like a website and dedicated app, but Dolinska considers meeting with the actual clients and getting personally involved key to her success rate.

"If I send someone on a date, they usually go on a second and third date," explained Dolinska. "So about 75 to 80 percent [go on a second date]. It's because I work with both sides, encouraging them to explore possibilities, and I always get feedback from both sides so next time we can eliminate some complaints."

Doliska also organizes small events and mixers at which her clients can meet and mingle. Cooking is her passion, so she personally holds cooking classes where tech geeks can try their hand in the kitchen while perhaps meeting their future significant other.

Dolinska is not a fan of Tinder or Ashley Madison, at least for dating, as both services are hookup-oriented.

"As a matchmaker, I discourage men and women to go on a date with anyone who is separated," she said. "For obvious reasons: They are not ready for relationship, and they haven't even finished the divorce process! So where do separated people go? Tinder and Ashley Madison."

Dolinksa feels Match.com, Bumble and some other dating apps can be useful, however, as more users are actually looking for a serious connection.

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