Budgeting is hard enough as it is but it becomes even more troublesome when you're a college student. From utilities and rent to party needs, there are a number of things that college students have to allot money for. Here are 8 of the best iOS and Android budgeting apps that anyone in college can check out:

1. Mint. One of the most popular budgeting apps around, Mint brings financial accounts together, connecting all accounts a college student might have to give a more thorough picture of their finances. It can create different types of budgets and offers notifications along the way for tracking purposes.

2. You Need a Budget. Though the mobile app itself is free to use, You Need A Budget requires a paid desktop software. Once anyone has desktop YNAB installed, however, they can sync their finances across devices, ensuring their budget count is updated no matter what they use. Transactions can also be imported from financial accounts and savings goals created for easy money management.

3. CheckPlease Lite. A college student's life will be filled with instances that a bill needs splitting. CheckPlease Lite quickly calculates how much a person owes, factoring in tips and however many ways a bill has to be split.

4. GoodBudget. Taking advantage of the good, old envelope system, GoodBudget allows users to set aside money for expenses into categories or "envelopes." This makes it possible for expenses to be planned ahead, creating an accurate representation of a college student's spending power.

5. BillGuard. Financial fraud is a nightmare and BillGuard can help protect its users from it by sending out alerts when suspicious charges are being made using enrolled accounts. To further help in managing finances, it also scours the web for deals and coupons a user might be interested in.

6. Wally. Wally is an upfront budgeting app that basically sticks to tracking spending and savings, making it best for those who don't need to create detailed budgets. Simple and easy to use, it notifies users when savings goals are reached or if there are payments due soon.

7. Mvelopes. Like GoodBudget, Mvelopes uses the envelope budgeting system to plot out expenses. Receipts can also be quickly captured to be added to transactions, which can be viewed as well through the Mvelopes web app.

8. Pocket Expense. Aside from letting multiple budgets be set, Pocket Expense also allows funds to be moved from one budget to the other. It has a calendar feature as well that offers an overview of spending from month to month, which is complemented by statistics and reports delivered for tracking purposes.

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