If you frequently go to the movies, then you know that getting a sneak peak of the latest movies to be released in the near future is one of the best parts. That means it's important to arrive a bit early to catch these handful of upcoming movie trailers that are shown before the featured film.

However, one day, Rakesh Nigam ran into a theater a bit late, missing the name and release date of a movie trailer that grabbed his attention.

“I didn’t know how I was going to find it. You can’t Google it,” Nigam told Tech Times. “I felt that this must happen to a lot of people, so I asked a few people and checked that they also had the same problem, and felt that I wanted to try to fix it.”

As a result, Nigam created MovieQu, a new app that allows moviegoers to easily identify a trailer and save the date for the film’s upcoming release.

Commonly referred to as the Shazam of movie trailers, MovieQu works by using patented sound-recognition technology to recognize the movie trailer. Users tap on an icon that resembles a chat bubble to signal the app to start listening. Within three to five seconds of listening, the app recognizes the trailer you’re watching and pulls up more information about the movie.

MovieQu displays the movie poster, along with the film's release date. Tap on the info icon on the top right of the poster to read more about the film, such as the synopsis, director and cast — information provided by Rotten Tomatoes. From there, users can also replay the trailer and share it on social media. If the user signs in with Facebook, they will be able to see what other friends are planning to see the same movie that grabbed your attention.

These trailers are saved to “My Qu,” allowing users to swipe left and right to see all the movies they have bookmarked. Once a movie trailer is bookmarked, MovieQu uses the calendar app to automatically add the movie title and date of its release, sending push notifications on the opening day if the user enables this feature.

MovieQu also learns the user’s genre preferences over time based on their personal “Qu,” recommending upcoming movies. Users can also manually search for the movies to add them as well.

While the app makes it easy for movie buffs to catch the names, release dates and trailers to big blockbusters coming soon without having to type away on their phones, it can also be used at home or even when watching trailers online.

“Because it’s working with sound, you can capture those [trailers] on TV if you see a movie commercial come on,” Nigam says, “or some people are watching trailers on Trailer Addict or Yahoo, and they can do the same and add that to their queue.”

However, for those thinking they can queue their favorite fall TV premieres, it’s important to know that this app is specifically for movies only — well, at least for now.

MovieQu launched for iOS on July 30, but its founder and CEO says that it already has started to develop the app for Android to be released in "the near future."

The MovieQu app is available to download for Apple devices for free.

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