As a life simulation game, The Sims 4 is supposed to mirror real life, right? We as players often subscribe to that point of view, making our Sims live lives that mimic our own where they go to work, spend time with their families and pick up a hobby in their spare time.

But as much as we like to recreate our real lives in The Sims 4, we also enjoy escaping from them in the game. When else are you going to get the chance to be an astronaut, feed a cowplant and meet the Grim Reaper? And if that actually is what your real life is like, kudos to you for handling all of that excitement on the daily.

Because of this, that simulated life of yours tends to get pretty weird pretty fast. But you know a great way to make it even weirder? Add in a few mods.

Being the ultracustomizable game that it is, The Sims 4 was basically made for mods. Electronic Arts has even included a whole Gallery where it showcases players' creations and makes them available for others to add into the game. Of course, plenty of players have posted mods on third-party sites that can improve gameplay, add in some more realistic venues for Sims to visit or just make the game prettier to look at.

But the most interesting mods, in my opinion, are the ones that take your game to a surreal, dreamlike level. For instance, I don't think I'm ever going to be able to get this bathtub hat mod for The Sims 3 out of my head. To see just how bizarre The Sims 4 can get, take a look at these eight mods players have added into the game, and be amazed. Be very amazed.

1. Opt For Some Interesting Headwear


If your Sim's fashion sense is on the more avant garde side, you might want to consider putting on a liquor bottle instead of that beer-drinking hat. This mod from TwistedMexi over on Mod The Sims lets your Sims wear everyday objects as hats or even make them their actual heads. Your Sims may not literally have the weight of the world on their shoulders, but they can have the weight of a 500-pound couch on them if you so choose.

2. Get To Twerk

Twerking has been the biggest dance craze in recent years, so why shouldn't your Sims get the chance to participate in it, too? Yes, there is a mod where you can say goodbye to the normally awkward dancing from your Sims and say hello to some booty-shaking, and it can be found over on Umpa Blog. Don't you want your Sim to one day cause a stir on a nationally televised awards show?

3. What To Expect When You're (A Male Sim) Expecting

Finally, men can experience the pain, I mean, joy of childbirth, too. There are several mods out there that enable men, same-sex couples and elders to finally get pregnant in The Sims 4, but this one from Tanja1986 found on Mod The Sims gets the job done. This mod isn't so much odd as it is allowing something that cannot happen in real life, i.e. men getting pregnant, to appear in the game. In fact, The Sims 4 actually makes this all feel so natural, which is kind of nice.

4. Bring Limitless To The Sims


If you want your Sim to act like the Energizer Bunny, there's a mod for that. The Awakened Mind Trait mod created by alan650 on Mod The Sims gives your Sim an "advanced" brain that makes it so they rarely need sleep, advance their mental skills quickly and never experience discomfort, which is about as far from being human as you can get. This reminds me a lot of that movie-turned-TV show Limitless, so you can use this mod to live out your Bradley Cooper fantasies.

5. Wet The Bed


Just like human beings, if you don't get your Sims to the toilet in time, they wet themselves. It's true. It does happen. That being said, I'm not exactly sure why you would want to give your Sims more opportunities to have an accident, but in case you do, there's a mod out there to satisfy that desire. This mod comes from sachamagne over on Mod The Sims, and it allows Sims of all ages to wet the bed. Of course, the younger the Sim is, the more prone he or she will be to having an accident, just like in real life. You can even make your Sim a bedwetter if you really want to be cruel.

6. Make Your Sims More Emotional


Raise your hand if you like to cause as much drama in your Sims' lives as possible! Where's the fun in just watching your Sims go about their day in a normal, pleasant way? Sims should always be getting into arguments and pulling pranks on others, or else what's the point? This mod from FlorianPTME on Mod The Sims tries to nudge Sims into more conflict rather than shy away from it with their autonomous actions, as they tend to do in the game. Sims' autonomous behavior will also be more influenced by their mood or their traits. For example, a Sim that feels flirty might prefer to keep on flirting, while an evil Sim would be less likely to tell a lot of jokes. Overall, it sounds like this mod might heighten your Sims' emotions slightly, but the modder has had "some spectacular," albeit rare, "results with Sims fighting and dying of anger because they couldn't resolve their issues in time." Fingers crossed you get to put your Sims through that drama at some point, too.

7. Give Male Children Horns


If a cute little baseball cap is too mainstream for the little Junior you created, you can always give him horns instead to really make some heads turn (and promptly scream in terror). This mod from eliasw123 over on Nexus Mods allows you to give male children horns in the Create a Sim mode. It appears to actually just stretch the top of the child's head into the shape of two large horns instead of making him look like Daniel Radcliffe in that one movie, but you don't want your Sim to look that abnormal, do you?

8. Give Your Sims A Big Head — Literally


There are plenty of mods that change up the slider options to make the appearance of your Sims more customizable. My personal favorite and the one that I think makes your Sims look the most hilarious is this Expanded Head Size Range mod from EVOL_EVOLVED on Mod The Sims. According to the modder, this updated slider is especially useful for when you're creating kiddie Sims because you're not normally able to adjust the head size of children in Create a Sim. However, what I mostly get out of it is a good laugh over seeing a giant head on a tiny Sim body. It's the little things, you know?

Photo: TwistedMexi | Mod the Sims

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