Minecraft is a game that lets players tap into their imagination to build worlds worthy of exploration. And while cinematic additions like the multiplayer Maze Runner: Scorch Trials mod and Star Wars skin are now available to download to the open-world game, a few Minecraft users are currently working on adding their own movie magic to the game.

Twenty-five Minecraft players are recreating the Shire featured in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord Of The Rings.

While building the home of the Hobbits is still a work in progress, Redditor Fornad shared a series of photos of the Shire on Imgur.

The work began on November 15, 2014, with the players using a mod called Conquest RP and shaders to make the home of Frodo Baggins look more realistic.

Fans of the books and movies will agree that the Minecraft users are doing a pretty impressive job in bringing the Shire to the game. The map is at a 1:58 scale, and Fornad says that it is "arguably one of the most detailed and well-researched maps ever made in the game."

The Shire follows Tolkien's drawings, with the builders wanting to stay as close to the author's vision as possible. The front door at Bag End, which is the home of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, was one of the first projects they completed. The Lord Of The Rings-inspired world also features The Old Mill in Hobbiton and Bywater Lane, where the final battle the War of the Ring takes place.

The Shire will have 25 villages all together when completed. Some included in the series of images are Sackville, Woodhall, Stock (which serves the best beer in the Eastfarthing) and Greenfields.

Fornad revealed on Reddit that the users have plans to create Middle Earth in entirety, already completing Bree, the next town from the Shire. Fornad said anyone can explore the Shire on the server named ArdaCraft.

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