This Dedicated Soul Has Been Walking Across 'Minecraft' Since 2011


Meet Minecraft's own version of a cross-country walking Forrest Gump: Kurt J. Mac, who's had his avatar traversing the geodesic landscape of the building block sandbox game since 2011. 

According to a profile on Mac by The Guinness Book of World Records – which has already bestowed a title upon him for his virtual walkabout – Mac has trekked over 1300 miles, the same as if someone were to walk almost halfway across the United States. 

Throughout the years, Mac has garnered fans of his Minecraft journey, recording YouTube episodes of his progress that he hosts on his own website, Minecraft Far Lands or Bust.

However, there's a purpose behind Mac's travels: besides his initial goal to reach the game's fabled Far Lands, the finite "edge" of the game, the self-generating "end" of Minecraft's "infinite map," the Minecraft gamer also uses his mission to raise money for Child's Play, which "seeks to improve the lives of children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters through the generosity and kindness of the video game industry and the power of play," according to the organization's website.

Of course, the initial provocation of the unknown and the undone has been enough to spur Mac on all of these years; as he said to Guinness"Notch [Minecraft's creator] said it would be impossible to reach the Far Lands so I took that as a challenge!" 

Check out the latest video of Mac's journey in the video below.

Via: Guinness Book of World Records

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