Ears-On With The Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Headphones


The Bluetooth earbud code has proven a pretty tough one to crack. There's just something about the combination of tiny speakers and wireless functionality that make for some extremely questionable design decisions.

For a couple of years now Jaybird has been the company to beat, thanks to the BlueBuds X. Not too bulky or overdone, the earbuds offer a relatively minimalist experience, assuring that they can be used without making the wearer look like a background actor in a bad '70s sci-fi movie.

It took two and a half years, but the little company has finally returned for the sequel. The new headphones don't offer a radical change from their predecessors, but they do improve just about every aspect.

Like the BlueBuds before them, the X2s ship with fins (removable, thankfully) to help secure them to the wearer's ear - a must for those who like to listen during intense, sweat-filled workouts.

They do take a bit of getting used to, however - it took me a while to get them in just right. But once they're in there, they're in there good and tight.

The buds are connected by a thin cable that can be adjusted to fit closer to the neck. The whole thing can also be worn in front or back of the neck, depending on preference. Jaybird promises 8 hours of battery life before a charge is needed, too.

The headphones sound good for a pair of Bluetooth earbuds, though it was hard to get the full experience on the floor of a convention like IFA - thankfully, however, we managed to snag a pair for review, so stay tuned for that.

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