Despite a major redesign and the launch of Apple Music, iPhone owners did not use the default music app on their smartphones more for the month of July, according to data from analytics company ComScore.

The statistics released by ComScore ranked Apple Music as the 14th most used app on all iOS and Android smartphones in the United States for the month of July, reaching 24.1 percent of users.

This figure is actually a lower percentage compared to the usage of the music app of Apple before Apple Music was launched, reported Mashable.

For June, iTunes Radio/iCloud, which is what ComScore previously called the default music app for Apple, had a 25.7 percent reach to gain 12th place in the rankings.

The expectations were that the launch of Apple Music, the company's own music streaming service to rival Spotify and Pandora, would lead to more iPhone owners accessing the default music app to drive up its usage. According to ComScore, 37.1 million users in the United States used Apple's default music app for the iPhone in July, which remains the same compared to the previous month.

While Apple said that 11 million users have subscribed to Apple Music, the reported figure is a number from all over the world. Mashable said that extrapolating a conversion rate based on the figures will not be feasible and representative of the performance of the new music streaming service.

Apple can still have a reason for optimism, however, as the only other app for music in the top 15 of the most used apps is Apple Music rival Pandora Radio. If Apple would be able to convert a percentage of the regular users of its default music app into subscriptions for Apple Music, it would easily be able to catch up to the 20 million subscribers reported by another rival, Spotify.

In the rankings, Facebook held the top spot with a 73.3 percent reach, with Facebook Messenger overtaking YouTube for second place. As such, Facebook now holds the top two spots in ComScore's list.

There has been much news regarding Apple Music recently, including the senior director of the project leaving Apple, reports of a declining user base, and a threatened lawsuit against Tidal.

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