Lie detector test bookings relating to infidelity saw a surge in August after spouses became suspicious following the Ashley Madison data leak.

BioClinics in Salford, Greater Manchester noted over a one-third increase in bookings for its high-street lie detection service, which is available in more than 100 locations across the UK.

"The data for August shows that bookings relating to infidelity rose dramatically by 36 percent compared with the figures for July," said Nichola McChrystal, the firm's founder and scientific director.

It was learned that as a whole, most bookings were triggered by suspicions of infidelity.

Launched in June, the high-street lie detection service is a joint venture of the company with the British Polygraph Network.

McChrystal expressed that the trigger was highly likely caused by the Ashley Madison leak, which made many people place a greater focus on infidelity.

Lie detector tests are normally conducted by fully qualified staff of the British & European Polygraph Association as well as those from the American Polygraph Association. The tests usually last from two to three hours and cost £650 (around $980) for a single session.

Apart from infidelity as a reason, the tests are also conducted to help individuals who are involved in a slew of personal matters such as allegations of domestic abuse, drug-taking and theft.

Companies looking to hire staff may also conduct the tests to screen potential employees and also validate claims on background and experience. Some candidates would reportedly make false claims, believing that doing so would help them get the job.

"Many people have come to our clinics because marriage guidance counselling has done little to reduce the disruption and upset caused by suspicions of infidelity," McChrystal said.

In some cases, when the subject of the test has admitted to being guilty, the couple would decide to terminate the relationship. Others have instead turned to counseling after the test and admitted that the sessions had become more effective since the truth is already known.

"In many cases, however, the examination showed innocence, and we have had extremely positive feedback about how this has allowed couples to move on and put their suspicions behind them," she said.

McChrystal added that until this time, polygraph "has not been particularly accessible to the public."

As long as polygraph testing is conducted by well-trained examiners and that they are using the latest testing equipment, the results of the test can reach an accuracy rating of 95 to 98 percent.

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