Indulging in clandestine conversations online and keeping it restricted to a chosen few will soon become easier as the Secret app has come up with a new feature - Secret Dens.

Secret Dens seems poised to become the new gossiping tool for networks in school or at the workplace.

"We're creating a new way to share on Secret. Secret Dens brings a new layer to your Secret stream, giving you a private, company-specific Den to share anything you're thinking -kept within the walls of your workplace," reveals Secret in a blog post.

The invite-only beta feature is still in its pilot phase and currently has a few companies, including Secret itself, participating in the program. However, the Secret Dens feature is anticipated to be pushed out to more organizations, companies and universities in the near term.

The idea of Secret Dens is that an organization can create a "Den" whereby, anyone in that organization can put up posts which are accessible only to members of that specific company or school. The posts cannot be shared and the "secrets are visible exclusively to people that are part of your den, and nobody else." However, there is a slight loophole as people in the group can take screenshots of the Secrets and share them!

Posting to the Secret Dens is also relatively easy and one simply needs to write their secret and add @yourdomain to the post. The posts in the Secret Dens will reflect the name of the organization on the bottom-left corner where the location indicator is currently placed.

While members will be notified when a new person joins, they won't know the identities of all the other members of the Secret Dens. If you're concerned about how Secret will segregate between members who belong to a group and those who do not, the app has devised a simple way for the selection. Secret Dens members will have to deploy the email of their company or school. In the event, a user already has a verified Secret account but with an alternate email address, the company email will be added as a secondary one.

However, concerns over cyber bullying are being raised as was the case with a similar app Yik Yak. Individuals may misuse the Secret Dens forum to target other individuals and vent their angst.

Currently, setting up a Secret Dens account is by invitation alone. Those interested in putting up a Den for their university or organization can email Secret at

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